My Best Golf Start Ever!

What was your best start ever on the links? Recently, I was thinking about my best start and realized that it I have started at three under after three holes on 4 occasions; not bad considering I have played over thousands of rounds. Each of these rounds started with three birdies and continued on cruise control for most of the round. But more of that later!

Having a fast start is always a good thing. I find that if I am at par or one under after three holes I am mentally setup for success. Surprisingly, this happens more often than not. I find that a fast steady start generally leads to lower golf scores. I am in the right frame of mind to overlook any poor shots and look for course management opportunities for more birdies or eagles. But that is a topic for another day. Today we are talking about our best starts ever; this is what you said:

My best start ever was three under after three holes at Laurentide Golf Course in Sturgeon Falls, Ontario. The first three holes start as follows: a par 5, 554 yards, par 4, 405 yards, and par 3, 155 yards. Walking towards the fourth hole I felt like I was floating. Needless to say, I was mentally in the perfect spot to score low. And I did!

This particular fast start set me up for my best round ever. Grinding my way around the course I found myself looking at eagle on the 18th hole for a smooth 68 (par 71)! I actually hit the pin on my chip for eagle, but walked off with a smooth 2 under 69. My low score was the result of my best start ever.

Unlike other players, I find that a fast start is beneficial. It immediately gives me a buffer for the next 15 holes and this is something I will take every time. Starting fast is important because trying to dig myself out of a hole from the beginning makes for a long day on the links.

What is your best score after three holes? Did it lead to a great score?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “My Best Golf Start Ever!

  1. Jim, my best start was 2-under after three holes. That led to a 4-under 31 on the front nine. What was cool was I birdied all three par-3s. The fun ended there. Opened the back nine with a double and ended up shooting a 5-over 40. I can always cling to that front nine – LOL!




    • Brian

      I feel your pain! I cannot count the number of rounds where I played awesome on one and crappy on the other. It it is something that I cannot explain, nor control. Such is golf….I guess that is why I love this game!

      Cheers Jim

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  2. Way back before my game was very sophisticated, I had a great start once. I went 5 under on the front nine. I was nine shots ahead of my brother who I had only beaten once before after years of playing. I had a ton of luck through that first 9 holes. I birdied the 1st hole which is an easy par 4, then eagled the second with a hole out from a green side bunker on an uphill par 5 (an older gentleman playing with us showed me how to hit from the sand just moments before and my brother loaned me his lob wedge to try out so that was a truly lucky shot ). The third and fourth holes I shot par on and then almost holed out a par three that you had to hit over a ravine. Then finished the nine with a last birdie. I shot terrible on the back nine but still coasted to a win against my brother which was just the second time I did that and the first when he wasn’t playing injured.

    Well, I got my round in today and played pretty well for the most part. 5 birdies, 5 bogies. The good shots were really good, and the bad shots were mostly playable if not forgivable. I sculled a chip shot which is tough to swallow, and I hooked one drive into a lake instead of drawing it onto the green on a drivable par 4. The others just were sub-par. I hit them too short because I didn’t trust myself and that cost me a shot.

    As it turned out, as I was playing my round, the city was announcing our shelter in place rule and golf and most everything else has been shut down in the city. I haven’t checked what’s going on throughout the rest of the county yet, or the adjoining counties, so I don’t know if I’ll be getting in any golf over the next couple of weeks at least. That hurts. I’m just feeling like it’s all coming together. The work I’ve done on ball striking. The work I began on taking a bigger turn. All of it is starting to feel natural and right. And it’s working. So having to stop right now is frustrating. But this is not normal times and I’ll just have to accept the fact that my little paradise of golf will have to wait a few weeks or months to come back.

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    • Kevin,

      Sounds like your start against your brother was a dream come true. The best I have shot is 4 under in nine holes to shoot even par for the day. Congrats on your second win way back when. As far as shelter in place, we are doing that here in Canada. Essential services and shopping for food only. This is short term pain, but worth the sacrifice. Our golf does not start for a month anyway, so I am not really missing things you who live in warmer climes. Regardless, stay safe!

      Cheers Jim


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