Carrying Your Clubs – Lighten the Load

20160921_181530_hdrI like to carry my golf clubs for the first and last two months of my golfing season. I have accepted that as I age, carrying my clubs in the heat of summer is not any fun. I can physically do it, but there is less incentive to work that hard.

Carrying my clubs 4 to 5 times a week is great exercise. My bag weighs about 20 – 25 pounds and only holds the essentials to play golf. Over the years, I have realized that carrying extra stuff, is not the smartest thing to do and it does affect my game down the stretch. Therefore, I make sure I lighten the load before I play.

In an earlier post, I mentioned what my Kirk’s son Brandon had in his bag when he lent my his clubs. “I was amazed to find 4 bottles of Gatorade in various stages of emptiness, two rain jackets, about 100 tees, an umbrella, and at least 4 dozen golf balls! Needless to say, the bag was considerably lighter once I removed all the non-essential stuff.” This seems crazy, but there was other things that added to the weight that I just did not need to carry when playing for ‘The Duck“.

There are many ways to lighten the load of our golf bag. The most obvious is to only carry as many golf balls as we need. I can say with certainty that I have never come close to running out of golf balls. Over the years, I have settled on 18 as my number to carry. I carry 6 into the water balls, 6 use regular but are older, and 6 new balls to use when I am feeling lucky! And this is over kill. I could easily drop to 9 balls without any worry of running out. Here is what you thought:

By dropping at least 9 golf balls out of my bag, I save about a pound in weight. But that is really not much. Now I am wondering if I need all 14 clubs or the two bottles of water. How about the sunscreen and bug spray….hmmmm. I am going to give this more thought.

Regardless on where you land, lightening the load is very important. I will have to look closer at the stuff in my bag and see what can realistically be removed. In the big scheme of things, reducing my carry load by a few pounds might help me on the last 4 holes of my round. And at this stage of my game, I will take any advantage I can muster.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

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