Buying a New Putter

Putt Centre

My 20-year-old putter.

Buying a new putter is something I have thought about for some time. My current putter is about 20 years old and I think the inset face is starting to break down. I was feeling an inconsistency off the face that I will have to look at this spring.

I like this putter because it is a toe-balanced blade with a center shaft mount. It is heavier than most putters and has served me well through the years. Additionally, and more importantly, it fits my eye very well.

I have tried all types of putters at the golf store, but none pop out at me when making contact. I seem to put the same with all types and weights, however this controlled environment is not really a great place to test a new club. I wish I could take a demo putter out on the course, but unfortunately my course does not have such a service.

I am not going to launch into a how to buy a putter because some websites have already done this. Here are a couple of sites that you should check out before buying a new putter:

Here is a video by Mark Crossfield that may also help:

Buying a putter is a very personal thing and understanding the different designs, lengths and weights is critical to picking the club that will suit your game. An important point, one which I never thought of, from the video was that putters should be fitted. I will need to find a fitting place before I make my purchase.

Finally, I want to put a shout out to Pete Robbins from White Dragon Golf Putter. Pete is a long time reader of The Grateful Golfer and he invented his own putter. I am not affiliated with this product (nor have I tried it), but thought if you were looking for a new flat stick, the White Dragon Putter might be worth looking at.

Have any of you purchased a putter lately? If so, helped you make your choice?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

7 thoughts on “Buying a New Putter

  1. Jim, looks like your grocery list at the Toronto Golf Show has gotten a little longer!

    I have putted with the same Ping Answer 2 since the mid 1980s. Whenever I think I need a new putter, I bring along PA2 for the side-by-side test and nothing feels as good. I’m very hesitant to think about making a change after all these years. It’s part of me now.

    Thanks and good luck with your fitting and purchase!


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  2. Good luck in your search, Jim. Choosing a putter is, as you say, a very personal decision based on feel and eye appeal. I am lucky enough to have found a Scotty Cameron Red X2 at a car boot sale (equivalent to garage sale or flea market) some years ago and I love using it on the greens. Cheers, Rob.

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  3. Last summer I pulled a putter from a bin in a clubhouse, swung it a couple times and bought it. It just felt good to swing. I didn’t even hit a ball with it. I made everything that day and for the rest of the summer. A friend was there when I bought it and said he had never seen anyone do that. I guess when you find the right putter, ya just know.

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  4. I’ve been thinking about a putter fitting too. I’m just one tad closer than you because I checked already for recommendations online and found one that happens to be with an hour or so’s drive on the list. It’s called Southy Custom Golf and it’s in Bradenton, FL which means I get to cross the biggest suspension bridge at least in the state to get across the bay. I love that drive, and there’s some good courses over there too, so I plan on making a day of it. The putter fitting costs $80 there. If I actually make there before you I will let you know. And if not, I’ll look forward the article I’m sure you’ll give us.

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