Waiting for the 2017 Golf Season

As I sit in my living room contemplating what to do next, actually putting off shoveling a foot of snow, my thoughts turn to my upcoming golf season. I think about some great shots I made last year and some real, well never mind.

To help pass the time and to feed my desire to swing the clubs, I came across this video of trick shots I thought you might enjoy. It is a mixture of trick and great shots from the course. I hope you enjoy it.

Have an awesome Sunday!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


8 thoughts on “Waiting for the 2017 Golf Season

  1. Well since you are stuck in waiting, how about I regale you with my game today. I hit the course today at 2pm. Played 4 holes to warm up then started over from #1 to try and break my record at my home course. Missed it. But I won’t even think about complaining. I played pretty good (77), I just had a couple of “standing up errors” that cost me a few strokes, two times I didn’t get my turn right, and a slow starting putter didn’t help. Only one birdie, but I was happy to par the two hardest holes.

    They’re about 430 with raised greens and traps on both sites, so it takes two really good shots to reach them. I hit driver 285 on the first and 275 on the second and 6 irons on both today because they were into a small breeze and have raised greens. On the second one I even pegged the 150 marker with my tee shot which is why it was shorter. I might have hit the 290 mark otherwise. The 6 irons in were special too. The first I had to fade around tree branches because I landed that drive a bit too far right and the second was landed just 10 feet left of the flag. I lipped it out for maybe the 4th time of the day. Just couldn’t get the speed right. But a par on those two always feel good. The bird came on the second to last hole. It’s short. I can reach it with a driver some days but I use a 3 iron most of the time which leaves me just inside 100 yards with the entire green a backdrop it slopes so much. This time I gave it a 2/3 PW and got it 3 feet above the hole and just had to tap it to get it started.

    I also took a chance on the last hole that I don’t normally do. It’s a par 5 that wraps around a lake. Usually, I hit 3 iron, 7 iron over a couple of 100+ foot tall trees trees in the corner, then a wedge in. It’s the safe play. Today my driver missed only the first fairway so I decided to give it a go. I hit my target and tried cutting the corner with my 3 iron. I hit it well, but there’s only a small hole though the trees there and I pulled it just a tad too much and grabbed a tree branch on the far side of the lake and came up just short. But an easy par from there was a good way to finish off a not so great lie in a bald sandy spot.

    Monday I’ll hit the range. I want to work more on my turn and extension. And staying down in the swing! Then on Tuesday a client is taking me to play that course I mentioned the other day that I have never got to finish yet. I should be as ready as I can be.

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