When Did You Start Playing Golf

Junior Golfers is are critical to golf!

I started golfing when I was 13 years old. My Dad introduced me to the game, showed the fundamentals and let me go at it. I played a great deal of golf until I was 18 years old and then life took over. It was not until I was 29 that my passion rekindled and I have not looked back. I always had a passion for golf, but 28 years ago is when I really fell in love with hitting a little white ball into a small hole. Yet, I wonder where my game would be if I started golfing just a bit earlier in life. Continue reading

The Masters – Moving Day

The Masters never disappoints. After an amazing minus 7 start, Charley Hoffman appeared mortal on Day 2. He did not have that confidence and zeroed in focus we saw in his opening round and I am not surprised. Augusta National is a fantastic course that requires 5 hours of intense concentration if you have any illusions of scoring well. So, the second day of play unfolded exactly as I expected. Continue reading

Guest Authors at The Grateful Golfer

Spring is just around the corner!

Hey Grateful Golfers, how is your day going? I hope your Thursday is going very well and that you are creating the day you want.

Today’s post is a bit different from others because I need help trying to make a decision. Over the past year, I was asked if I allowed guest authors at The Grateful Golfer. I tabled all the requests because I was not sure if I wanted to open up my blog to others. Continue reading