Being Patient While Waiting For Golf Season

Unlike my friends to the south, I am patiently waiting for the temperatures to warm up! At a brisk minus 16° C (3° F) this morning, my patience is being tested to the max. This time of year is always the worst and I do find it challenging to stay focused on upcoming golf season. Our long winter’s nap is almost over, but the days before I can get outside to swing my clubs seems to be dragging. This happens every year and I go through the same doldrums as in the past. Before suggesting I take a trip, that is not in the cards. So, I will dig deep, focus my attention on things I like to do and patiently wait for golf season to arrive at a snail’s pace.

As of this morning, 30 March 2023

As you can see, we still have a ways to go before I can dig out the clubs. The last 30 days is always the hardest.

In the meantime, I will remain grateful for the blessings in my life.

To remain positive, here is my golf thought for today:

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


2 thoughts on “Being Patient While Waiting For Golf Season

  1. On the bright side, your bad fortune seems to be allowing us down here to stay cool a little longer so….thanks🤔😎 .

    Something’s happening. It’s getting drier out around here. Not at the home course. We water daily from our own water tank. But the courses in the area don’t have that benefit and the one we played today was starting to show signs of the lack of water we’ve had in the area the past few weeks.

    And that’s a good thing for distance off the tee. I hit two today that I still find hard to believe. I hit a 4 hybrid 260 and a 3 wood 273 from the tee today on parallel holes. I nutted them for sure but those are distances that are basically beyond me. Yet that’s where I found the balls so I know I did it. No cart path hits. No hurricane like breezes. And flat ground. I just can’t explain either. I didn’t watch either long. I knew I’d hit them well and knew right where they’d both be directionally. Just right and left of center for both of them. Both had tight little draw flights. Mid-high I’d call it.

    Those two are mysteries. My driver failed to make 260 a couple of times. lol 252 was the shortest I hit with it. First tee blues. I hooked it to another fairway. So all I can think of is I found a landing area with both that were just really hard and gave the balls a good kick. A real good kick. lol

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