Shooting Two Birdies in One Round

I have an expectation that I will shoot at least two birdies in one round every time I tee it up. Of course, this does not always happen, but this stat is slowly improving. I can say that shooting even one birdie is great for lowering my final score and helps build confidence. But, this is no surprise and you already knew that – right?

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Fighting With My Short Game

I generally have a solid shot game or at least I think so. Unfortunately, I have struggled on the greens lately for no apparent reason. My putting numbers have grown only by 3, but that number is the difference between 77 and 74. At my course, I need to shoot 74 half the time out to maintain my handicap. So, for now that is my target number. As the rest of my game improves, my putting seems to be holding me back!

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Waiting For Something Good to Happen

Have you ever played a round of golf where nothing good was happening? Of course everyone is shaking their heads up and down because we have all been there. Additionally, have you have played a round of golf where nothing bad has happened either? It just seems we are on cruise control as we shoot some bogies and pars, but nothing exciting is happening. It is as if we are waiting for something good to happen! Continue reading

I Just Need One Good Shot!

How many times over the years have I said “I just need one good shot”! That one shot to change my fortune and right my listing ship of a golf game. We have all said that, but I can honestly tell you that rarely does that one good shot show up during my round. It is as if I chase my good fortune away by jinxing my thoughts by focusing everything on one swing of a club! Continue reading

The Open Championship – Moving Day

Moving Day is very important in every professional golf tournament; even more so at a Major. The need for players just outside the top 10 to make a move up the leaderboard makes for great golf. All 13 players in red numbers has good chance to win the Claret Jug, but it all depends on what happens today. Continue reading