Waiting For Something Good to Happen

Have you ever played a round of golf where nothing good was happening? Of course everyone is shaking their heads up and down because we have all been there. Additionally, have you have played a round of golf where nothing bad has happened either? It just seems we are on cruise control as we shoot some bogies and pars, but nothing exciting is happening. It is as if we are waiting for something good to happen!

These flowers were growing in the middle of a dead thicket! Talk about persistence!

I have played many rounds of golf where it seemed as if I was waiting for that one great shot to happen. Try as I might, I could not find that spark to ignite an average round of 4 or 5 over to a fantastic round of even par. It just never seemed to happen.

Now I have tried to press the issue with disastrous results. Thinking I am playing the right odds, but in fact taking needless chances because I was becoming impatient. I refused to believe that I could not make something happen and I was right! I made the wrong thing happen and as a result my score suffered.

Golf is about persistence. Staying focused on the goals of the round and of the year. It is a slow incremental walk towards success and instant gratification is not the path to the promised land. This year was an off year, but I am not deterred; I am focused on the same goals I started 2018 with but will have to push them down stream until 2019. When life throws you a curve ball, it is important to stay calm and patient because pressing the matter could result in a worse golf score.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “Waiting For Something Good to Happen

  1. Persistence. And attitude. Looking back, I’d guess that those days when I was “expecting” something to come out of me on the course are days when it never showed. Or if it did, it was because I forgot about expecting something and just let it happen.

    I used to write my score down after every hole. I don’t anymore because I don’t want to even think about it. Before I stopped writing them down I had never had more than three good holes in a row. Almost right away after I stopped, I managed it. And the second I realized it, it was over again. lol

    I’ve gotten past that now. If I have 4 and know it, a fifth is possible (if not likely…yet). I think “expecting” to do well can get in the way of doing well I guess is what I’m saying. Sometimes it means we are thinking too much and not just playing the shot we want to make. We’re “in the game” but not “in the moment”.

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    • Kevin

      Well said! In the game, but not in the moment. I completely agree! It is something that I continually work on when playing golf. Sometimes I catch myself going through the motions and then refocus on what I am doing. It always helps. Thanks for weighing in.

      Cheers Jim

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