Book Review: Coil/Strike

The Details:

Coil/Strike – A Revolutionary, Enlightened Approach to Improving Your Golf Game

ISBN: 9781642371673
ISBN: 9781642373691
eISBN: 9781642371697
Published Date: July 20th, 2018
Copyright: Phairway Phil
Page/Size: 200 pages 7×10 English
Publisher: Gatekeeper Press
Address: 2167 Stringtown Rd. Suite 109
City: Columbus, OH
Zip Code: 43123-2989
Phone: 866-535-0913

My Review:

One of the fun aspects of The Grateful Golfer is when I am asked to review new golf books. Before all my treatments started, Phairway Phil asked if I would review his ‘manifesto’ to offer my opinion on his new methodology of teaching golf. His intent is to offer experienced players an unique and revolutionary approach to improving their golf swing through innovative analysis of the different swing segments. 

Phairway Phil admits that some fundamental understanding of the ‘dark age’ of golf is required before turning the first page and I agree with him. Coil/Strike is an easy read and the author’s writing style is very casual and engaging. He is very passionate about his approach to teaching golf and uses some colourful language and unique training techniques to drive certain points home. Overall, Coil/Strike is an engaging read if you like golf instructional books.

As suggested by Phairway Phil, some reader qualifications are required, however I would suggest is being a bit restrictive. Bottom line, if you are a golfer with a few years experience and are looking for a different approach to improving your game, Coil/Strike might be for you.

The concepts in the Coil/Strike segment of the book required the ability to visualize, analyze and duplicate his teachings with and without golf clubs. Some of his writings directly challenge the current methodology of teaching golf fundamentals; personally, I enjoy the idea of challenging the status quo because it makes me analyse the finer points of my game. This in turn helps ensure I am using the right technique for my game. Phairway Phil offers a new approach to improving your game and as with all instructional books, his ideas have merit. It is up to you to decide which of his teachings best suits you.

I consider myself a well-informed golfer whose journey to be a scratch golfer has lead me down many paths. I am an avid reader and researcher of the golf swing and as such have garnered a fair bit of knowledge. As a result, I did not find the approach in Coil/Strike as revolutionary as the author intended. However, as with all instructional golf books, I was left with a couple of nuggets I plan to use next season.

Coil/Strike would be a good addition to your library and worth your time if you are looking for a common sense approach to lowering your handicap.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

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