Waiting For Something Good to Happen

Have you ever played a round of golf where nothing good was happening? Of course everyone is shaking their heads up and down because we have all been there. Additionally, have you have played a round of golf where nothing bad has happened either? It just seems we are on cruise control as we shoot some bogies and pars, but nothing exciting is happening. It is as if we are waiting for something good to happen! Continue reading

Golf Season Is Just Around the Corner

Waking up after a long winter’s nap!

In the northern climes, all golfers are looking for that one signal tells them that their golfing season has started. In most cases, warmer weather is town crier announcing the it is time to prepare. Persistence and hope are two valuable commodities we cherish as we wake from our long winter’s nap. Continue reading

The First Day of Spring

It is officially here! The first day of spring has arrived without any fanfare or celebrations unless you are a golfer from the north. This special day is the first sign that the golf season is quickly approaching and it is time to prepare. For some, this means dusting off the clubs and waiting; others, like myself, this means that my ‘to do list’ just grew tenfold. Continue reading

The Golden Nuggets of Golf

Life’s journey never ends! We have the ability to change so many aspects of our lives and all it takes is a decision to start. Personally, I believe this is the most difficult aspect of any first steps, yet the most important.

Deciding to change something golf related is no different. Whether you want to fix part of your swing, refocus on how to play your rounds, or make an impact within the golfing community it takes a decision to start a new journey. Regardless of what you are doing or where you a headed, making real change comes down to two very special ‘somethings’ that must be present or else your path down on that branch of your life’s journey is short-lived!

Continue reading

Persistence is Key to Successful Golf

Lately, I read many interesting stories from fellow bloggers about the early season challenges. The range of woes very, but for the most part it looks like their challenges are a short term. As a fellow golfer, I am experiencing some challenges, but this is a normal trend considering it is still April. If I still experience the same issues in June, panic might start to sink in. Continue reading