Golf Season Is Just Around the Corner

Waking up after a long winter’s nap!

In the northern climes, all golfers are looking for that one signal tells them that their golfing season has started. In most cases, warmer weather is town crier announcing the it is time to prepare. Persistence and hope are two valuable commodities we cherish as we wake from our long winter’s nap.

Now that the warmer temperatures are just around the corner, most Canadian golfers will experience a roller coaster of emotions as the temperatures rise and fall. However, like a majority of other players, the temperature is not my beacon of hope or the signal that my golf season is starting. No sirree, for me, it is The Masters!

Every April, the arrival of golf’s first Major is the starting pistol for my golf season. The first or second week in April aligns perfectly with warmer temperatures and the upward swing of our positive attitudes. When The Masters starts, my clubs are out!

Anticipating the arrival of golf, I have several things I do in conjunction with the courses about to open in my area. This year, I plan to replace my grips. I normally do them every second season, but will replace sooner if required. I empty my golf back and ensure everything is clean (it should be because clean everything at the end of last season, but you never know). I clean and polish my golf shoes. I take inventory and see if I need any supplies. And most importantly, I find a place to practice before the courses open.

Generally, the practice ranges are open a week or two before the courses, so my annual pilgrimage to these wonderful facilities before golf season. I take it easy the first few times out and only make a limited amount of swings to prevent injury or a strained back.

There is no place to practice my short game until the courses open, so I start to visualize my routine. I find it helps my mental game and physical approach while playing around the green. Also, I try to keep my short game sharp by continuing to practice my putting in the basement. Working my short game is very important to a quick start of my limited golf season, so it is never to early to start.

I have used The Masters as my benchmark for years. With the first Major of 2018 only 11 days away (see the tracker on this page), I am patiently waiting for my golf season to start. I am excited and hoping to hit the links soon. How about you? What is your first sign that your golf season is starting?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

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