Reminder: Do not ever hit into people! Ever!

David brings to life a very important point and one worth repeating.

Never, Never, Never, hit it to the group ahead of you on the golf course.

Thanks Dave for sharing your story and sage wisdom!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

One Bearded Golfer

On a randomly warm, sunny Sunday afternoon in January, I snuck out with two friends for nine holes of winter golf.  And something happened that utterly ruined a perfectly nice round that, frankly, I’m still mad about two months later.  So I’m hoping that committing the episode to writing will provide some cathartic relief.

I really try to keep a relatively long anger fuse, but every once in a while….

My rage has nothing to do with the way I played, anything my friends did, the wintry conditions of the course, or the pace of play.  It has to do with almost getting seriously injured, or worse, because of some Idiot did something that we all contemplate but rarely ever are dumb enough to actually do.

This Idiot hit into us from the tee.  His drive landed three feet left of me and two feet in front of me…with me…

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4 thoughts on “Reminder: Do not ever hit into people! Ever!

  1. Now I’ll start by saying I never try to hit into people. But three times in particular come to mind wher I either came too close or actually hit someone. The first was a day out golfing with my dad, brother, and neighbor. My dad and brother for some unknown reason decided to get ahead of us on a long par 5. They sat in their cart 200 yards away parked right in the middle of the fairway when it was my turn to hit. They were watching and signalling to hit so I did. I hit right at them and instead of moving when I yelled fore, both had to dive out of the cart. The next one involved the same brother. I had hit a terrible tee shot on a short par three right into a palm tree frond which knocked it straight down. Instead of staying back and waiting, my brother walked out onto the green. My brother decided to walk right out on the green while I was preparing to swing. Again I yelled fore. He started to raise his hand as if to block and the ball hit it. Of course he wanted to blame me, but I wouldn’t let that pass. He should not have walked on the green until after I hit and he wasn’t there as I took my setup. The last one has a happier ending. It involved a cart girl. She had parked herself next to a pine tree in the rough right of the fairway to wait for us to tee off. I pushed and my tee shot landed right on the roof of her cart. Thankfully the roof protected her and the bounce I got off the cart gave me a nice short wedge shot in. And better still, I got a date out of it.

    I hope you noticed that none of these involved me not waiting for the group ahead to clear.

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