Re-Gripping my Golf Clubs

Image from PGA.comIt is time to regrip my golf clubs. I dropped them off at my buddy who is going to put them on for me (thanks Blair) so I can start my season fresh. I found that all my clubs  were worn at both thumb locations; hence this tells me that I have a slight grip problem. Effectively, I am usually gripping my club to tightly when making my swing.Can it really be that easy? Is it as simple as gripping my club to tight. If this is the case, and it is, what other swing problems does this possibly cause. I cannot speak for other players, but my grip does impact several areas of my swing that rob me of distance and accuracy. Here is how:

I lose flexibility in my wrists and hands. This lack of flexibility prevents my snapping motion of the club a the bottom of my swing. Therefore, I loose the distance. Also, lose direction because I have a tendency to hit the ball left because my club face is completely closed on impact. The tight grip does not allow for my face square through impact.

I do not finish my swing. Both my back swing and my follow through are truncated because a tight grips prevents my full range of motion. I like to have my hands finish in the nape of my neck, but with a tight grip, my arms stiffen and I finish with my hands high and away from my body. Therefore, I lose distance.

Lastly, a tight grip hurts my hands. I use an interlocking grip and if I grip my clubs too tight, the baby finger of my right hand starts to hurt. This is a tell tale sign I need to lighten up my grip.

A tight grip is something I work on often. At the range, I constantly work on ensuring I have the proper grip pressure before my swing. To ensure consistency, I use the following:

To find the ideal grip pressure, try this simple exercise with any golf club. Hold the golf club in front of your chest with the shaft and club head pointing toward the sky. Hold it as lightly as possible until the golf club feels as though it will slip out of your hands. This is too light of a grip. Next, allow the golf club to fall so it’s parallel to the ground. Notice how the tension increases in your hands, wrists and forearms. Now your grip pressure is too tight. Finally, hinge the golf club to a 45-degree angle and begin to make little circles with your hands and wrists. Feel the weight of the clubhead. You now have the perfect grip pressure, like in the upper left photo. (Golf Tips)

If you are noticing undue wear in specific areas on your grips, it might be worth investigating why. Sometimes, our grips are just too old and other times, it may be cause by a swing flaw. If you are unsure, talk to your local pro. I am sure they can help point you in the right course of action. In my case, it is a combination of old grips and too much pressure.

Do you have undue wear on your golf grips in a specific area? If so, where?

I am a grateful golfer? See you on the links!

2 thoughts on “Re-Gripping my Golf Clubs

  1. I can “see” no wear on my grips, but I know it’s time to change them. They don’t feel tacky anymore and I know that means I will grip tighter subconsciously if I’m not careful. And it’s been a year anyway. That is more than long enough to go without changing them out as often as I play.

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