Re-Gripping my Golf Clubs

Image from PGA.comIt is time to regrip my golf clubs. I dropped them off at my buddy who is going to put them on for me (thanks Blair) so I can start my season fresh. I found that all my clubs  were worn at both thumb locations; hence this tells me that I have a slight grip problem. Effectively, I am usually gripping my club to tightly when making my swing. Continue reading

When to Change Your Golf Grips

It is that time of year, when players in Canada, or at least the northern regions, start to look at their equipment for next year. We clean out our golf bag and see the state of our clubs, balls, towels, and most importantly their grips. Recently, I asked how often players they changed their grips. This is what they said:

I like to change my golf grips every year; usually during the off-season. There are many factors to consider when changing your grips and it is important we select the right grip to for you! I dug into my achieves and thought it this a good time to remind everyone that golf season is quickly approaching and it is time to get ready!
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Which Golf Grip is Best for You?

Holding a golf club is one of the most important fundamentals to a great golf swing.  The slightest change to the position of the hands has a tremendous impact on whether the ball finishes in the woods or in the middle of the fairway.  Focusing on how to hold a golf club is the first step to developing a great golf swing.

There are three basic golf swings: the baseball grip, the overlapping grip and the interlocking grip.  Each grip has its own unique advantages and disadvantages.  As each player evolves, many have experimented with each grip to suit their game. Continue reading