Different Colour Golf Grips – Important or Not?

As golf evolved over the past 45+ years that I have played, much of the equipment has changed. The clubs today are nothing like the sticks of old and that is okay because technology has leveled the playing field somewhat. The clubs look different, feel different, and definitely perform differently. One of the big changes that makes zero impact on my game is the colour of the golf grips. Where black was the traditional colour when I broke in to the amazing sport, now there does not seem to be any limitations. I am not sure if this is important or not, but personally I still like the old school colour with some minor modifications.

image from GolfWRX

Back in 2013, Golf Pride (no affiliation – using this brand as part of my discussion) introduced a wider range of colour of golf grip. According to Golfwrx, it was time that this company stepped into the new age of golf by providing a plethora of colour for their grips. A quick stop at the Golf Pride website and their pages are riddled with colour. So, the expansion of using different colours is here to stay.

I often wondered if the colour of the grip had any significance. I looked around at various websites and I could not find any real value to having different coloured grips except for aesthetics. I all comes down to how it looks to the player. If it looks good, then it might help build a bit of confidence, but that is a guess on my part.

One change I have noticed that works well for my game is the thickness of my golf grips. I use a midsize grip because of comfort and feel. Here is a good description from Golfweek on the different sizes.

There are only a few golf grip sizes. The most popular size is the standard grip, for players whose hand measures 7 inches to 8 3/4 inches from the wrist crease to the tip of the middle finger.

The undersize or junior grips, for hand measurements of less than 7 inches, are 1/64-inch smaller than standard grips.

Midsize, for hand measurements of 8 1/4 inches to 9 1/4 inches, are 1/16-inch larger than standard.

Jumbo grips, for hand measurements larger than 9 1/4 inches, are 1/8-inch larger than standard. If desired, tape can be used around the club shaft to increase the grip size.


Back to the main theme of this article, there is a great deal of science involved when choose the right grip for your golf game. Personally, I have used trial and error over the years to settle on the grips I use now. I can say with confidence that colour has never been a deciding factor on choosing the right grip for my game. Being a bit of a traditionalist, I would stick with black as the primary colour. The colour of the grip is a personal choice and whatever works for you is the right grip to be in your bag.

Here is what you had to say:

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


2 thoughts on “Different Colour Golf Grips – Important or Not?

  1. Grips don’t only come in new colors/sizes, but also new shapes. And not just in putting grips. The grips I put on my woods and irons last year have a reduced taper design. It almost looks like they bulge a bit where your right hand gets placed. My guy Rick at the used club shop picked them out for me. He knows me well. I love them.


    • Kevin

      The technology wrt to grips is definitely improved over the years. I played with someone last year who had bright orange grips, I did not like them at all. I found them distracting. But, to each their own.

      Cheers Jim


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