My Best Drives Of The 2020 Golf Season

I am very fortunate to be in play off the tee more often than not. It is something I rely on to set up my good rounds and save me from my poor ones. So, I decided to provide a compilation of my best drives of 2020. It took me a year to create and I realize I am bragging a bit, but heck, why not.

Before you watch the video, I think it is important that you watch with an open mind and focus on the results, not the process. Ready?

Okay, none of those drives were mine! But, I needed a unique way to introduce a new video of the best drives in the PGA Tour in 2020. You have to admit that the best of the best drives are really awesome. This video does offer a prelude to one of my goals for 2021.

Stay consistent off the tee! Last year I had an 80% (ish) hit fairway stat or at least on the rounds that I recorded. I know this number is unrealistically high, but I would honestly admit that 70% overall is more realistic. Wait, the best on player on tour, Jim Furyk, only had a 74.5 percent driving percentage, so how can I possibly be close to the stat. Well, I play an easier course and do not hit the ball as far and and and.

Basically, I try to stay in play as much as possible and that will another tenet of my game for 2021. I am not considered a long hitter by far, but I am generally straight. Regardless of past performance, I am working to hit the ball straight off the tee and I can accomplish this by practicing with the big dog during the off-season. By focusing a bit of time on hitting my driver, I am sure I will set myself up for success in 2021.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


2 thoughts on “My Best Drives Of The 2020 Golf Season

  1. The great shots and the lucky ones are what keep us coming back for more and also what drives us to be better because when they combine, it’s magic.

    This week our weather will be cooler. In the 60’s. So after taking the weekend off to give my back a rest, I’ll be on the course and/or range as much as possible. And I picked up some new resistance bands to help with the exercise and stretching routines so I can keep building on the work for longer, stronger turns.

    I’m planning on this being my best year ever on the golf course.


    • Kevin

      Great to hear that you have a renewed passion for golf. It is always fun to plan for future success by laying the proper foundation today. I look forward to reading about your journey in 2021.

      Cheers Jim


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