My Best Drives Of The 2020 Golf Season

I am very fortunate to be in play off the tee more often than not. It is something I rely on to set up my good rounds and save me from my poor ones. So, I decided to provide a compilation of my best drives of 2020. It took me a year to create and I realize I am bragging a bit, but heck, why not.

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Battling My Swing and Winning

Originally, I was going to title this article “Fighting My Swing and Losing”. However, I realized that this in not inline with how I want to approach my golf game. Instead of focusing on the bad part of my game, I think I need to stay on positive path to improve my changes of lowering my golf scores. So, it is important that I remind myself that I need to focus on how to improve without focusing on the negative side of my poor results.

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Driver vs 3 Wood Off the Tee

For any golfer, the question of using a driver or 3 wood off the tee is finally answered. As I skimmed my usual social media feeds, I came across something from Golf Monthly Magazine. They offered up a stat from ShotScope that was quite enlightening. I tried to find the original source, but could not hammer it down. Regardless, I thought it was worth discussing anyway.

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Driver and Wedge is All We Need to Score Low

After watching Dustin Johnson, I have decided to leave most of my clubs in the trunk of my car next time I hit the links. After watching him cruise to a win at the RBC Canadian Open on the weekend, I realized I was carrying too much stuff when I play. If Dustin Johnson can hit a driver / wedge on the 18th hole par 5, then I should be able too as well. Golf is simple if all we have to hit are those two clubs! Continue reading