When to Change Your Golf Grips

It is that time of year, when players in Canada, or at least the northern regions, start to look at their equipment for next year. We clean out our golf bag and see the state of our clubs, balls, towels, and most importantly their grips. Recently, I asked how often players they changed their grips. This is what they said:

I like to change my golf grips every year; usually during the off-season. There are many factors to consider when changing your grips and it is important we select the right grip to for you! I dug into my achieves and thought it this a good time to remind everyone that golf season is quickly approaching and it is time to get ready!

Lampkin out lines why people want to regrip their clubs.  They suggest that GOLFERS TYPICALLY REGRIP FOR 4 REASONS:

  • To fit their grips to their particular hand size
  • To achieve the desired feel for their playing preference and climate conditions
  • To simply replace their favorite grips that have become worn
  • To upgrade to a more premium and longer lasting grip

How does someone determine if their grips need changing?  Lampkin gives suggestions on what are some of the tell-tale signs of ware?  These signs are:

  • Smooth, hard surfaces
  • Cracks
  • Shiny patches
  • Wear spots, especially where the thumbs make contact
  • Faded or bare spots on grips that have been painted or have logos
  • Insufficient tack

Golf Pride has great videos and tools to choose the proper grip, size and type of grip.  There are lots of tools to help determine the right grip for you; ultimately, it is a matter of what feels best.  It really is the only way to decide what will work best for your swing and intended results.

Golf.com suggests that there are three things to keep in mind when choosing a grip:  material, diameter and style.  They make an excellent suggestion to choose your favorite club and experiment by regripping and practicing with it.  This is inexpensive and will allow you to find the right grip for your game.

I have used many grips through the years.  I have used full cord, half cord, chamois,  rubber, ribbed and wrap type grips.  Presently, I use a mid-sized golf pride tour wrap grip.  I do not wear a glove and use this grip because of the feel and comfort.

Grips are important and ensuring your equipment is in top-notched shape will go a long way to improving your overall game.  What grips to you use now and how often do you change them?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

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