Regripping My Golf Clubs In The Off-Season

I am on the fence on whether to change my golf grips or not. My current set are CBWs that came with my Mizuno MP20s and I love them. I still feel comfortable holding my current grips, but there is a bit of wear on a couple of them and only changing two does not seem like the way to go. I am still mulling, but it will take me a bit of time to make a final decision.

From a previous article I wrote, Lampkin out lines why people want to regrip their clubs.  They suggest that GOLFERS TYPICALLY REGRIP FOR 4 REASONS:

  • To fit their grips to their particular hand size
  • To achieve the desired feel for their playing preference and climate conditions
  • To simply replace their favorite grips that have become worn
  • To upgrade to a more premium and longer lasting grip

How does someone determine if their grips need changing?  Lampkin gives suggestions on what are some of the tell-tale signs of ware?  These signs are:

  • Smooth, hard surfaces
  • Cracks
  • Shiny patches
  • Wear spots, especially where the thumbs make contact
  • Faded or bare spots on grips that have been painted or have logos
  • Insufficient tack

Right now I only have a few wear spots, but everything else is great. I usually change my grips yearly, but I am not so sure. I have the grips I need if I do decide to change, so there is no real hurry. If you have never change your grips before, here is a short ‘how to’ from Lampkin:

Do you change your golf grips often? If so, do you do it yourself?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


2 thoughts on “Regripping My Golf Clubs In The Off-Season

  1. Not sure I understand the logic of changing them now. You’ve got months of practice ahead of you in that basement of yours. Wouldn’t it be better to do the grip change closer to the new season?

    As for mine, I did the job myself a couple months back. My first time. In hindsight I’d add another layer on the bottom but I’m ok with how they turned out overall. The CPx grips I chose more than make up for any niggling over optimizing what I feel. I’m a big fan of these grips. Especially in the rain. Had to play a few holes tonight in a light rain and they reminded me again just how well they do the job. So while I could go through the trouble of removing them and adding some more tape, I’m not planning on doing it. It’s a hassle I just don’t think is worth my time. Maybe next year or the year after. We’ll see how long these last. I play a ton so I put grips through the ringer. None have made it past two years on any of my clubs.

    My brother on the other hand never changed his grips. I have his clubs now that he’s gone and the original grips are still on them from over 20 years ago. They’re kind of special. A Japanese only version of the Big Bertha Gold. Bronze colored heads. Very pretty things for super thick game improvement irons. But you can’t hit one with those grips on it. Those things are so shiny you can blind yourself in the glare. lol I don’t know how he played them like that but it did. And pretty well. The one thing I find interesting about those grips still though is the special tape job underneath them. They overlapped tape to provide a ridge that you feel along the fingers. I kind of liked that. I have half a mind to try and remove one of the grips someday to see just how they managed it and where exactly they position it. I imagine though that’s what the new align grips do for you. Haven’t tried one of those yet.

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    • Kevin,

      You are right that if I am going to change my grips it would be at the beginning of next season. For now, I am going to look and see. It was a musing and I plan to think about it more. I am surprised that you do not change your grips every year considering how much you play and practice. You easily get 2.5 years of our golf in one of your seasons. But, you obviously know what you are doing. It is easy changing grips on our own clubs, now it is just the cost of the grips.

      Cheers Jim


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