Focusing On What Is Important While Putting

There are a plethora of skills required to be a solid putter. For those who are confused about the techniques of using the flat stick, then I suggest that you 10+ million suggestions I found on google. There is an answer to virtually every question and not being an expert, I of course have my own view 😉 Anyway, I have on tip that will help every golfer with their putting that is simple, easy, and repeatable. I honed this important skill through many difficult competition rounds and I am happy to say that it worked every time!

The Venn diagram on the left definitely shows the skills needed to consistently make good putts. However, there is one aspect not mention that fits into the middle of the diagram that takes up the very center of all three circles. It is mental and should never be overlooked.

My simple tip is ‘committing to the putt‘. Did I say that it was simple. Through the years, I missed more putts be not committing to my shot than anything else. I find that the small niggle of self-doubt in any of the putting fundamentals causes more misses than a poor read or missing my line. Committing to all aspects of your putting stroke is key to sinking more putts than not.

By committing to your putt, other benefits will start to appear. You will find that you are creating solid contact more often, you will hit your aim line more, your reading of the greens will improve and you distance/speed control will drastically improve. Focusing on committing to your putt has so many benefits that you will wonder why you allowed the niggles to enter your mind.

Not to toot my own horn, but here is a video I produce 6 years ago:

I know I did not sink two of the balls, but they did lip out. My point is that I committed to each putt and I was successful because the tap in I left from 15 feet produced a guarantee two putt. If I had take just a bit more time to align the bottom stick more, I am confident the balls would have dropped. However, the main focus on this drill (as espoused in the top video) was committing to all the aspects of making a great putt.

Committing to the putt is the key to being a great putter. It is simple, easy, and repeatable. Committing to the putt is what all golfers must do in order to see their game go to the next level. The more you commit the easier it becomes, so when you hit the green next time out, start committing to your putts and watch the magic happen.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


2 thoughts on “Focusing On What Is Important While Putting

  1. One of the harder things to learn for me was to step away when I have 2nd thoughts once I get to the ball. That goes for any type of club, not just putter. If we’ve lost faith in the decision we made before we took our stance, it is far better to step back and rethink from behind the ball than while still over it.

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