Rushing Your Golf Swing For No Reason

Golf is a game of tempo. There is no one correct tempo that fits everyone’s game, but there is that one correct tempo that fits your game. I have one as well and I know when I am in the groove by how I feel hitting through the ball. To be fair, my tempo does fluctuate slightly from round to round, but for the most part it is very consistent. What I do find frustrating during a round is when I rush my shot for no reason. It dumbfounds me when it happens because this wayward shot comes out of left field and usually disappears as quickly as it arrives. Regardless, any rushed shot for no reason has no place in my game and I forbid it from ever coming back!

My basic issue when rushing my golf swing is moving my arms from the top of my stroke to the point of the ball. I am not sure why I rush my tempo, but it happens.

I know I rush my tempo by pulling the ball left or hitting a very deep divot. The results of these mishits are very telling and it is something I have experienced before. Rushing my swing is not as unusual as I hope and it something I worked on in the past. I do not spend very much time working on this swing challenge now because I think my failure is more mental than physical.

Chris Ryan offers some tips that will be helpful if you have the tendency to rush your golf swing:

I bet you are wondering why I believe that my rushing woes are now more mental than physical. It is pretty straight forward, I have worked on my swing for years. I am at a point where rushing is not a normal part of my game. When my mind is not focused in the moment a great deal of errors pop into my game. (This is a challenge for most amateurs as trying to concentrate for 4 hours is a feat in itself) And rushing my swing is definitely one of those frustrating mistakes. The fortunate aspect with these mental errors is that I can respond quickly and zoom my focus back to my game. This roller coaster focus extravaganza is not something that happens often, but does happen.

Rushing for no reason is rooted in many areas of our swing mechanics. Mine is mental. What is yours?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


3 thoughts on “Rushing Your Golf Swing For No Reason

  1. Stupidity. 😂 If I rushed a swing there is one thing I know I did not do and that is take a practice swing or two. I only hit driver off 4 tees tonight. Three were close to perfection. One was a snap hook. Can you guess which one I didn’t take a practice swing before stepping to the ball? Yes, you got it. Dumb move. I have no clue why I do that ever. It never helps to not do it, and often hurts my chances when I forget or disregard for any reason.

    Tried something I’ve heard many a pro tell us to do tonight but I’d never really tried before. I gave it a try because the sun was low in the sky and we were facing right into it. It was so bright that I couldn’t see the flag at all without holding a hand up to block the sun and that meant I couldn’t aim as I normally prefer which is picking a small target (the pin in this case) down range. So I stood behind the ball and with one hand I held the club and the other I blocked the sun from view so I can find a line and I chose a bit of grass a foot in front of the tee to set my aim with. I got my 2nd eagle for the day on that hole. I was maybe 5 or 6 feet left of the pin and short, but on the green and lucked that putt in. But the aim advice worked fantastically. I’m not planning on changing my normal aiming practice for this. I still like targetting down range and don’t seem to have any problems getting that right so I’m sticking with it, but this is now going to be kept as a good option when my normal approach isn’t possible or when I can’t find a good enough target down range to focus on.

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    • Kevin,

      I am not sure why you do not have two targets. That is how I aim. I pick my down range target, then find something 3 feet in front of my ball and aim for that. Works every time when I make a good swing. It seems natural to me, but I guess it is something to write about over the winter.

      Cheers Jim


      • The reason is simple. I’ve never really had a problem aligning to a target I can see down range. That’s one of the very few things that came easy for me.

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