Finding That Extra Gear in Golf

In many sports, athletes are told to dig deep and find that little extra something in the last minutes of a game. They are asked to exceed their normal playing abilities and shift gears to the next level. As an athlete who played many sports of the years, I can honestly say that it is possible to find that little extra something for a short period of time. Expect, I have never been able to find it on the golf course!

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Putter Grip Pressure – Is It Important?

How tightly we grip your putter is very personal. It really depends on your stroke and tempo when putting. Personally, I grip my putter with a loose grasp and keep it very consistent through my entire putting motion. There really is no right answer as to putter grip pressure, it is something that you have to decide for yourself. There are, however, some aspects of the putting stroke that are must be followed; yet pressure on the putter is not really one of them.

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Forget Everything You Know About Golf – I Have The Answer

Forget everything you have been taught about golf because it is time for you to embrace the easiest swing fix in golf. I know I have made this claim before, but now I have the definitive answer. It was always right in front of my face and I finally noticed it yesterday. The success of golf swing is rooted in one smooth movement! Keep reading to find out.

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The Greatest Hits of Golf

I was thinking about how my greatest hits in golf are rooted in the simplicity of perfection. Rick Williams, one of my original followers of The Grateful Golfer, routinely talks about how music puts him in the mood to cook. Following his lead, I decided to think of what type of music I would listen too on the range to help me groove my swing that would lead to my greatest hits of golf! Continue reading