The Golden Nuggets of Golf

Life’s journey never ends! We have the ability to change so many aspects of our lives and all it takes is a decision to start. Personally, I believe this is the most difficult aspect of any first steps, yet the most important.

Deciding to change something golf related is no different. Whether you want to fix part of your swing, refocus on how to play your rounds, or make an impact within the golfing community it takes a decision to start a new journey. Regardless of what you are doing or where you a headed, making real change comes down to two very special ‘somethings’ that must be present or else your path down on that branch of your life’s journey is short-lived!

What drove a young woman from Smith Falls, Ontario to start playing golf? Probably her Mom or Dad introduced her to the game and then it was up to her to succeed. Now playing all over the world, Brooke Henderson continues to strive to be the best golfer in the world. Having 14 top 10 finishes on the LPGA in 2016 is an amazing feat. She is close to her goal, sitting  4th in the world rankings, but still strives to reach number one. What keeps driving her to work hard and not stop?

What was the main reason for starting The First Tee program in the US? Here is what they say: “This new organization, The First Tee, started as a way to bring an affordable junior golf program to communities that did not have them, especially in economically disadvantaged areas. What The First Tee soon discovered was that blending the rules of the game with life and leadership skills, kids and teens didn’t just learn how to putt – they were learning important values.” This program has morphed into something great that has taken on a life of its own. Why continue?

What drives the local golfer to get up every day at 5:30 am to hit the links before work? After work, he plays a round or practices some more. What is this players motivation to read, learn, experiment, and work towards being a better golfer? Hitting putt after putt until satisfied, only to realize that more changes are needed to play better, is daunting and discouraging. Yet, they’re the player that goes day after day in the attempts to play better golf.

It is amazing the diversity of paths golf offers to everyone. The rewards and discouragement vary, yet people continue to follow their path. I am a strong proponent of setting goals, improving my 3 foot space and moving forward on life’s journey. To accomplish what I want, I need two ‘special somethings’: desire and persistence.

DesireHitting Straight is a miracle. is the driving force to want to accomplish something. It is very emotional and provides that endorphin rush when thinking, playing or talking about golf. I believe that without the desire to play better, it is impossible to significantly improve your golf game. Some people just have the desire to play golf and that is great, but to shoot lower scores, it takes the desire to work towards that goal. I have the desire to be a scratch golfer; I am not sure I will ever accomplish that goal, but it drives my need to practice and play well.

PersistenceThese flowers were growing in the middle of a dead thicket! Talk about persistence! is more mental or cerebral. Persistence is the second factor that empowers golfers to play better. I am confident that Brooke Henderson, The First Tee, or you the dedicated golfer would not succeed with out persistence. The willingness to follow your golf journey regardless of the roadblocks. This quality applies to every aspect of our lives, but to improve at golf it is a must!

Desire and persistence are the golden nuggets most amateurs (and some professionals) overlook when wanting to improve their golf game. Many search for quick fixes or that guaranteed system that will lower their score. I suggest it is more simple (and sometimes complicated) than that; if you have desire and persistence you can accomplish just about anything within your golf game!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!



23 thoughts on “The Golden Nuggets of Golf

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  2. Awesome – just what I needed after months off physically but still imagining in my brain. Persistence- I will take that golden nugget and try to parlay it – Nay “I WILL do it.” Kinda reminds me of a famous tag line for a sports company with a swoosh symbol 😜

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  3. Jim
    My whole blog is about persistence and desire – all for the sublime shot where the planets align and the shot comes off exactly as you imagined it – whether it is the big drive, the towering iron, the high draw, the super lob shot, the double breaking putt….

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  4. Have changed my swing lately, in an effort to get more distance off the tee. Early results were not encouraging, the ball only went further into the out of bounds. It is now coming right and I am looking forward to the coming summer.


    • Pete,

      Patience is the key. I struggled for quite some time with my driver and figured it out just in time to pick up a shovel…haha. Keep us informed on how your progress is going as you straighten out your drives.



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