Anticipating Success On The Golf Course

Anticipating or hoping for success on the golf course is not the mental frame of mind needed to shoot low golf scores. I believe that by setting my thoughts in the realm of success and then actively seeking ways to accomplish my thoughts has helped me find success on the links. Focusing on success in golf starts before I tee it up, but must be present during my round. If not, I might as well stay home and hope that I would have played well that day!

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The Key To Lower Golf Scores!

Most golfers want to shot the best score of their lives every time they hit the links. I am no different. I strive to shoot par are lower each time I play, but alas I rarely accomplish this feat. It is not because I do not have the skill or desire, it usually happens because I fail to keep the ball in play. This is my Achilles Heel and I know it!

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The Golden Nuggets of Golf

Life’s journey never ends! We have the ability to change so many aspects of our lives and all it takes is a decision to start. Personally, I believe this is the most difficult aspect of any first steps, yet the most important.

Deciding to change something golf related is no different. Whether you want to fix part of your swing, refocus on how to play your rounds, or make an impact within the golfing community it takes a decision to start a new journey. Regardless of what you are doing or where you a headed, making real change comes down to two very special ‘somethings’ that must be present or else your path down on that branch of your life’s journey is short-lived!

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