Persistence is Key to Successful Golf

Lately, I read many interesting stories from fellow bloggers about the early season challenges. The range of woes very, but for the most part it looks like their challenges are a short term. As a fellow golfer, I am experiencing some challenges, but this is a normal trend considering it is still April. If I still experience the same issues in June, panic might start to sink in.Every year, many golfers fight the early season tendency to make quick changes to their game. They try to avoid a knee jerk reaction to not playing to their expectations. The real key to early success is to accept the early stumble and keep moving forward! But never give up on your plan too easily; your plan provides direction and focus to improving our game.

These flowers were growing in the middle of a dead thicket! Talk about persistence!

These flowers were growing in the middle of a dead thicket! Talk about persistence!

Persistence is quality that allows someone to continue doing something or trying to do something even though it is difficult. Well that sounds like golf to me! The countless times we focus on chipping and putting or course management regardless of the results borders on crazy. Persistence is a key to lower golf scores.

We continue to work on our game always. We read, watch videos, and head to the practice area all in the hopes of improving our game. The real results occurs when we stick to a solution and practice, practice, practice. We persistently work on our games and usually successful things happen.

To my fellow golfers out there, not to worry, the golf season is young and you have the ability to meet your 2016 golf goals. It just takes persistence!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


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