Golf Off-Season Activities

The cold weather is creeping up. Spending the day in the cool temperatures uses more energy than expected, but it helps stoke the fire of change. Transitioning from fall to winter comes new and old activities. I enjoy golfing, yet I wait in anticipation for my off-season activities. Over recent years, I have tried several different activities, but one has stuck and this year I plan to snowshoe more than before.


Snowshoeing is quite a work out. Some studies indicate that snowshoeing can burn 1000 calories an hour. Depending on your intensity and terrain, the figure will vary.

Although the workout is fine, I snowshoe for several other reasons that are more important than the physical gains.

Usually, I snowshoe with my wife. She is my best friend and it is something that we can do together. Besides spending quality time together, we walk in the great outdoors breathing in cool crisp air, watching beautiful scenery and anticipate the reward of coffee at the end of our journeys.

Snowshoeing also provides me time to be in the moment. Like golf, being in the moment helps improve my focus and enhances the fun. I enjoy the tranquility of snowshoeing because it allows me to just enjoy walking in the snow. This off-season activity is as enjoyable as walking the course early in the morning. The calmness of the entire ordeal is therapeutic.

I am ready for my off-season activities to start. Snowshoeing is at the top of my list, yet, maybe the snow can hold off for another couple of weeks so I can complete all my pre-snowfall chores.

What is your favorite off-season activity?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


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