Not Thinking Golf Today

It snowed again last night! This dump was just a couple of inches, but enough where I need to get on my warmish clothes and head out to the driveway. This will be my “Ground Hog” experience for the next 5 months. Of course it does not snow every day, but there is always something to do outside and for that I am grateful!

I could easily start to complain about the cold and amount of snow we receive, but that will make for a long boring winter. Instead, my wife and I embrace the winter wonderland and look forward to activities that enhance our decision to embrace the chilly weather. 

Looking forward to hitting the trails!

The first thing we look forward too is snowshoeing. I have discussed this before and it is still at the top our list of things to do in the winter. This year, we decided to make more of an effort to strap on the shoes and hit the great outdoors. It is refreshing, fun and great exercise. We are fortunate that my local golf course Osprey Links Golf Course, allows us to snowshoe and cross-country ski on the property; of course, we must stay off the greens, but it is a great place to walk and experience the wonders of winter.

For those who life in the south and cannot relate; strap a pillow to each foot then go for a walk on the sandy beach. That is about as close as I can describe the experience. Oh yeah, carry about 15 pounds of extra weight to account for the warm clothes we wear. That would about cover the entire ordeal! And yes, it is great fun!

The winter season is upon us and it is time to embrace it. With 

6 thoughts on “Not Thinking Golf Today

  1. Hey Jim,

    Snowshoeing is good fun! Awesome way to get some exercise and pass the winter months. Beth and I usually dabble in that as well….while golf and getting my golf game ready for spring is always on the forefront of my mind in the winter, it’s good to mix in other activities to pass the cold months and stay balanced. Good on you guys!



  2. I’m guessing all that snow puts a stop to finding lost golf balls. And I’m curious what 5 months of freezing temperatures does to any balls not found before getting covered in the ice and snow. Do they take a hit in performance?

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