Looking for Golf Drills on GIR

What does it take to make a good golfer great? As you read this question, something immediately to mind. For each of us, that special something is what we seek while practicing or playing. Knowing what is important to your game takes a bit of thought and introspection. It is something that examine on a routine basis, however in the off-season I take more time to look at all areas.

It is easy to grab the low hanging fruit and say I need to work on my putting or driving (and that is probably true, but don’t we all). I like to dig deeper and look for those couple of fixes that will help my overall game. It is the 20 / 80 rule that I use to improve my game. And this off-season I have already decided on my first order of focus next season.

During 2016, I noticed that my approach shots to the green were not as accurate as in years past. I do not expect to match Brooke Henderson (currently her GIR is at 72%) nor the 2016 PGA leader in GIR, Lucas Glover at 71%. However, I do think that somewhere in the low 60s is very reasonable.

GIR sets up my entire round. If I have a strong GIR, it usually means that I am driving the ball well by keeping it in play, I avoid most hazards, and my need to rely  on my scramble game lessens. Excelling in these other areas equates to lower golf scores. Therefore, I have concluded that fixing my GIR percentage is my 20% for 2017.

I have always thought at GIR is the most important golf stat. It has always set up my low rounds. The challenge I have is trying to devise or find drills that will hone this skill. Other than hitting the range and hitting ball after ball, there must be some other drills that will help.

So I call upon everyone to help me find drills that in improve my GIR percentage. If you have any suggestions, please do not hesitate to share you knowledge.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

7 thoughts on “Looking for Golf Drills on GIR

  1. Jim
    As always, you ask interesting questions. In this case I have no answer. If I knew of some drill to increase my GIR, then I would do it. I think Brian is generally right – practice and honing the distance control is critical.

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  2. Hi Jim, being short off the tee GIR does really apply to me, but hitting the green when I am supposed to is still challenging. Very windy yesterday, but surprisingly I was long on approach into the wind, and then short downwind. Just knowing the distance is not the be all and end all to the problem.
    Sorry to say I do not know of any drill, except more practice, and then a bit more.

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  3. Jim, GIR is mostly mechanical and partially mental. I’ work on the mechanics and get some lessons from a pro you can trust. Build more sound repeatability into your swing and you will hit more greens.

    Good luck!


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