My Rusting Golf Game At The End Of The Golf Season

Similar to previous golf seasons, I have entered the time of year where my golf game is beginning to rust out. This inevitable process is the result of lack of practice, poor weather, and a need to focus on other aspects of my life. Specifically, I need to focus on preparing for the dreaded white cold that is inching my way. However, I will say that I am fighting the losing battle to keep my game sharp, but alas it is the nature of things.

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The Canadian View on Winter

As many of you know, I have a 5 month off-season due to cold snowy weather. Being a Canadian, it is something that I willingly accept. However, come mid February enough is enough. I am ready for spring and the start of golf season. If you are wondering, this is exactly how we feel this time of year!

Additionally, I venture out in all kinds of weather. I have talked about snowshoeing, shoveling and walking in the white stuff just for fun. It is something that most Canadians have to embrace.

Interestingly, the closer spring approaches, Canadians are more akin to this:

I enjoy the four seasons in Canada. However, come mid February I am ready for the snow to melt and golf season to start. I find the next 59 days the longest of the year as I anticipate the arrival of opening day. It is something I have accepted, grudgingly, but things do not get any easier.

I hope you have an awesome day where ever you are and if you are playing golf, keep it on the short grass!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

Golf Off-Season Activities

The cold weather is creeping up. Spending the day in the cool temperatures uses more energy than expected, but it helps stoke the fire of change. Transitioning from fall to winter comes new and old activities. I enjoy golfing, yet I wait in anticipation for my off-season activities. Over recent years, I have tried several different activities, but one has stuck and this year I plan to snowshoe more than before. Continue reading