My Rusting Golf Game At The End Of The Golf Season

Similar to previous golf seasons, I have entered the time of year where my golf game is beginning to rust out. This inevitable process is the result of lack of practice, poor weather, and a need to focus on other aspects of my life. Specifically, I need to focus on preparing for the dreaded white cold that is inching my way. However, I will say that I am fighting the losing battle to keep my game sharp, but alas it is the nature of things.

Every year I face this transition with trepidation because I like being able to walk out my house without wearing 4 layers of clothing. As the transition to cooler weather occurs, I slowly dig out my warmer golf clothes to prolong my season, but unfortunately there comes a time when staying warm is too cumbersome and swinging a golf club is too difficult.

However, back to the fight of keeping the rust away! I wish I could be honest and say that I have ample opportunity to stay sharp, but that is just not the case. Our local course closed its driving range for the summer and has a very limited practice area. Hitting into my driving net would be okay, but I took it down for the summer and don’t plan to put it up just yet. I could practice chipping, however my other life stuff is taking the top spot on my list of things to do. So, the only way to keep the rust at bay is to play and the opportunities have been limited due to the wet, cool conditions so far this fall. We are hoping for another couple weeks of warm dry weather……really hoping……but Mother Nature will decide.

As I resign myself to preparing for fun winter things in the great outdoors, I slowly watch my golf game rust out for another year. Fortunately I will have a driving net ready for action this year which will help lessen the total amount of rust in my game. Regardless of how I feel about winter approaching, I do have somethings to look forward too:

Snowshoeing on the 11th hole at Osprey Links Golf Course with my best friend!

In the northern climes, we learn to embrace the outdoor life regardless of the season. If the worst thing I have to worry about is my golf game taking a hit as we transition through 6 months of other activities; then I have a blessed life and I am grateful to be able to enjoy each day.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


4 thoughts on “My Rusting Golf Game At The End Of The Golf Season

  1. Jim, you ever consider the snowbird thing? Last time I was in Florida I went to a Blue Jays – O’s pre season game. Was impressed by the dozens of Ontario license plates in the parking lot. Lot’s of inexpensive options in FLA!



  2. I really don’t understand how anyone up north manages to build a game with only summers for play and practice. I’m so spoiled living down here that I can’t even imagine having to wait months to play again. I get antsy on weeks like this where the rain just won’t stop.


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