Having Fun With Golf

Golf does not always have to be a serious game. There are ample opportunities to play jokes of friends in and around the golf course. I generally do not ‘pull’ jokes on my playing partners, but over the years I have seen some pretty funny things. Of course it is a matter of perspective sometimes, but for the most part, it was intended to be fun.

I remember a few times when players played tricks on me. The first was a blind approach shot to the green. I hit my ball fairly well and when I crested the hill, there was about 50 golf balls scattered around the green….or so I thought they were golf balls. As I approached the first white blob, I found out it was marshmallows! Two groups in front spread these gems around the confuse players about where their ball was. I thought it was funny and the marshmallows did not last past the end of the round as the critters and birds had a feast.

Another time, I was playing behind a friend at Circle Pines in Borden Ontario. My shot to the 15th green was really good and right at my target. It was not until I was about 40 yards from the green that I saw the pin was held up by two sticks. The hole was cut on the other side of the green about 60 feet away! Well, my the joke was on them because I made my 60 foot birdie putt and laughed all the way to the next tee.

A friend of mine, Mike, turned 50 a few years back and we decided to by him a gift. Jean and I purchase some Pro Vs as a present, but decided decorate them a bit. He did not mind and thought It was a bit funny. Besides a hitting a Pro V with some decorations is still like hitting a clean Pro V…..right.

There are many other stories, but I think you get the point. Golf can be fun and should be fun. A innocent practical joke, in my opinion, is not such a bad thing. Of course one can go to far and that is tight rope all pranksters must walk. I love to laugh and I love golf; combining them both is a good thing.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

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