The Benefits of a Golf Club Fitting


Numbers from my club fitting.

Last fall I was fitted for my new Titleist AP2 irons and 915D, 915F, 915H. It was an awesome experience and the quality of my ball striking improved significantly once I received the right equipment. I can hardly wait for spring and to start-up where I left of last fall. The whole experience was very rewarding and I recommended it to the readers of this golf blog.

Understanding the entire fitting process is important to meet your expectations. There are many other ways to improve your game, however having the proper equipment is the most fundamental. Many amateurs, myself included before last fall, purchase equipment ‘off the rack’. It provides a 70% solution for most amateurs, but for the more avid player, buying ‘off the rack’ may not be the best solution to finding the proper equipment for their game.

Just today, I was reminded of the value of a golf fitting article from Josh at Golf is Mental. He describes the same basic process I went through and with the same positive results. In his situation, he was also fitted for a putter; something I need to consider for the future.

Josh made some extremely great points about his club fitting and I thought highlighting a couple would benefit everyone. The three points below are only a small sample of Josh’s insights and I recommend your read this entire article to understand the full benefit being fitted for golf clubs by a professional. Josh suggests:

  • there are no standard lies, lofts, and lengths for irons;
  • lie angles have a significant impact on shot quality and direction; and
  • shafts not only effect ball flight and distance, but play a significant role in a player’s ability to deliver the club face squarely to the ball.

I realize not everyone is ready for a fitting, but if you are, I recommend that you find a professional. Their experience and understanding that the clubs are to be fitted to the player and not the other way around will make your experience more rewarding!

If you decide to be fitted, I have a couple of recommendations of my own. This is what I think is important when you embark on this fascinating journey. Keep in mind to:

  • Have an open mind – the person fitting you will many questions and will offer some suggestions. I recommend you be honest  with the fitter and yourself.
  • Don’t change your swing – at the start of my fitting, I had a tendency to over-swing. I am not sure why, but when I calmed down and reverted back to my normal tempo my real numbers on swing speed, lie angle, and much more was used for my equipment recommendation.
  • Warm up before your start – although you will swing the club many times through the fitting process, being warm will speed up the end results.
  • The club fitting is just the start – many changes will happen after you have new fitted clubs. Initially, your confidence will grow and your game will likely improve. But this is just the start; the new equipment is not a substitute for practice, mental preparation, or wise shot making. Be prepared to keep working at your game.

Improving any part of your game is an exciting journey. Club fitting is one of the fundamental steps for players looking to reach the next level. The above information was gleaned from Josh and my experience and is not an exhaustive list, but does offer a good place to start.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

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