My Worst Golf Score Ever!

Over 40+ years of golf, I have shot some fairly poor rounds. It is ‘those’ efforts I choose to forget (or at least try too!). They do not hold any personal significance to my life and actually are not really much of a teaching moment either. However, they do happen and as such cannot be completely ignored.

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The Benefits of a Golf Club Fitting


Numbers from my club fitting.

Last fall I was fitted for my new Titleist AP2 irons and 915D, 915F, 915H. It was an awesome experience and the quality of my ball striking improved significantly once I received the right equipment. I can hardly wait for spring and to start-up where I left of last fall. The whole experience was very rewarding and I recommended it to the readers of this golf blog.

Understanding the entire fitting process is important to meet your expectations. There are many other ways to improve your game, however having the proper equipment is the most fundamental. Many amateurs, myself included before last fall, purchase equipment ‘off the rack’. It provides a 70% solution for most amateurs, but for the more avid player, buying ‘off the rack’ may not be the best solution to finding the proper equipment for their game. Continue reading