The Strongest Part of Your Game

We all lament about our golf game. We generally focus on our weaknesses instead of our strengths. Mostly because our shortfalls is where we lose strokes. It makes sense that we comment on these areas, but is it really doing our game any benefit. And more importantly, are you doing anything about it?

For one year, I complained about my poor driving. I blamed my new driver, adjusted every aspect of my swing, and tried crazy fixes I knew would not work. As I continued down the dark path of poor driving percentages. Then, I switched back to my old driver. This is my ‘billy baroo’ and very quickly woes off the tee changed for the best.

Looking back, I was surprised I fell into this dark pit of focusing and what is wrong instead of what is right. Additionally, I did not follow my process of address the problem and fixing it. This foolishness cost me a full season of struggle, but I am on the path of better golf now, and it is time to focus on the areas of my game where I can make a difference.

The starting point of any change is to build from your strengths. I firmly believe that using your foundation of strength will help ease the challenges in other areas. First, it is important to determine your strengths and work outward. Interestingly, there was no one area that most thought was the best part of their game:

Rating your game is the key to success of lowering your golf scores. My game is rated as this: around the green, putting, driving, and then approach shots. So logic suggests that I focus more effort on my approach shots than any other area. I agree that this is the right approach, but it is important I do not ignore the areas of my game.

Moving forward, I will sped a bit of time improving my approach shots to play into the strong parts of my game. As I move forward, I will mentally focus on the aspects of change and ensure that my attitude stays strong and positive. Remaining positive mentally is as important as any physical changes I need to make; I believe in the power of positive thought!

We all have strengths and weaknesses in our golf game. How you choose to address these areas is completely in your control. It is matter of staying positive and focused on where you chose to improve. You can do anything, you just have to choose.

I am grateful golfer! See you on the links!

Written my Jim Burton from The Grateful Golfer golf blog.

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