Golfing Your Best All The Time

Is your golf game ready to soar to the next level? Have you determined that you are now ready to lower your handicap through focused effort and determination. Well if you are, you have come to the right blog!

Golfing is a sport that requires effort and persistence to be successful. Every blog and article I read on how to lower your golf score talks about the quick fix guaranteed to knock 5 strokes off your game within a week. All these claims leave out one critical factor that prevents most players from going to the next level. And yet it easiest part of the entire process!

The key ingredient to playing better golf is to make the decision to play better.

It is not more complicated that, however it is the most difficult step to playing better golf. Making the decision to improve one’s game has a cascading effect on everything. The demands on how you spend your golf time is the most obvious.

Good shot or poor shot, Every shot is an opportunityto learn to be a better golfer.As with most people, we only have a certain amount of time at the golf course. We have lives and other important aspects to our lives, so carving out more time is difficult, if not impossible. Therefore, given the finite amount of time we have, how we spend our time is the real decision to playing great golf.

About five years ago, I decided to become a scratch golfer. This new focus meant, after some introspection, that I needed to spend less time playing and more time practicing. So, I decided to change my approach to my golf game and developed a plan to address my new goals and so far it is working.

Here was my approach:

Off-season – October – April: Fitness, education, and healthy lifestyle is the focus of my efforts. I keep a fairly consistent fitness routine in the off-season. My training includes weights, flexibility, and aerobic exercises. I try to train 3-4 times a week. In addition, I spend time improving my knowledge and understanding of golf in my spare time, so the amount of time varies. Generally, I spend about an hour 4 or 5 times a week learning about golf. My healthy lifestyle was (and still is) driven by my medical requirements and as such, my golf game benefits from just being healthier.

Early season – April – May: I continue with my off-season routine, but with a reduced time commitment. Now that I am heading to the course, I focus on allotting my time at the course. In the early season, I spend as much time practicing as playing. It is important to knock off the rust from the off-season and start honing my skills. It is at this time I try to implement my new-found knowledge. It is definitely a work in progress most times, but my intent is to practice more than play. I practice/play 4 or 5 times a week.

Mid-Season – June – September; I spend more time playing than practicing. It is time to hone my playing and competitive skills. It is great to practice, but I also believe that a player gets better from playing. I build in time to practice, but it reverses from my early season routine. I try to play/practice 4 times a week.

End-season – September – October; I spend less time focusing on golf. This is a time to enjoy my efforts of the year. I spend some time practicing, but as the days grow shorter, I spend most of my time playing. It is my opportunity to play before the blanket of snow covers our area.

Each of my decisions, whether to stay fit, eat well, practice more, expand my knowledge or just to enjoy my rounds, all take time and effort. Sometimes, because of life, my time is limited, but the time I do have I decide on how to spend it wisely. I have chased poor ideas down rabbit holes, but, I do not regret the decision to spend time experimenting with my game. Each experience is an learning experience. Everything decision was made with the intendto improve my game and sometimes that decision does not work out as hoped.

Deciding on how to spend your time golfing will be driven by your expectations. But make no mistake, deciding is the first step to success. In case you were wondering I believe that not deciding to change, is in itself a decision. Deciding is the first and most important step. It is once you decide then will your golf game will improve in the direction of your choice!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


9 thoughts on “Golfing Your Best All The Time

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      • Jim, I used to play organized baseball and basketball when I was younger. Did a fair amount of skiing as well. I recently incorporated some baseball activities into my workout because I figured I’d benefit from the rotational motion and weight shift. I swing a bat right and left handed and sometimes before I golf, I’ll get my glove and have a game of catch for 10 or 15 minutes. For some reason I feel more athletic on the golf course when doing these. Not sure why. I’ve also thought of taking up recreational tennis again.



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