Golfing for the Sake of Golfing

There are many reasons why people golf. I could make a list of cool reasons or excuses why people golf, but that would just be silly. Everyone has their own reasons for golfing and enjoying their time on the links.

There are challenges with golfing too much or not having a reason to hit the course, but that is a rare thing. Sometimes, golfers go to the course because they have nothing else to do and I guess that is as good a reason as any. However, sometimes we golf for the sake of golfing!

What exactly does this mean? Golfing for the sake of golfing means to hit the links for something to do or to golf for the purpose of golfing; to golf because that is what you do. I would suspect that there is some sort of enjoyment from hitting the links when players play just to play. They have no intention of trying to get better or they do not have the desire to put in the time to improve. I respect their decision.

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Personally, I am not in that situation. I have a passion for golf and for the near future, I will continue to work at improving my game. I study, practice, learn, and evolve as a golfer. I think that many players are in my situation and devote what time they can spare to improving their game. We do not golf for the sake of golfing, we golf with intent….well most of the time.

On Wednesday past, I hit the links. The weather was cool and windy; the course was dry and not busy. I was excited to go play a round and all was like a normal day. I was playing well, but on the 3rd hole something changed. Suddenly I started to question why I was on the links. I wondered what I was doing and my thoughts drifted to other things I could be doing. Since I was on the 3rd hole I decided to finish the nine holes, but I disengaged my mind.

I was thinking about other things and it did not have anything to do with golf. I went into automatic mode. I did line my shots up, but when I missed an easy shot, I dropped another ball and played a second shot. I did not take the pins out or read any greens. I turned my 9 holes into a nice walk while playing golf. I was playing golf for the sake of playing golf.

I bet this happens to every golfer once in a while. I am not really sure why it happens and in the big picture, it is insignificant to my long-term goals. Sometimes golfing for the sake of golfing is okay, but I do not want to make a habit of it. I do respect players who play for the sake of it and wish them well on the links.

Do you golf for the sake of golfing?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

8 thoughts on “Golfing for the Sake of Golfing

  1. Jim,

    For the most part, like you, I golf with intention. I am trying to get better, I am going through my routine, etc. There are those days though when it’s much more casual. Sometimes golf is just a vehicle to be outside and escape the real world. Beth and I will sometimes have rounds like this when we go out for 9 holes after work. We are mentally tired but want to be outside and do something, so we golf, because it’s fun whether we’re grinding or not.


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    • Josh,

      Just playing golf is something we all do from time to time. When playing with my wife, it is all about the time together as well. We do not keep score and we are grateful for being outside as well. Golf does offer so much.


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  2. Jim, I can’t say I golf for the sake of golfing. My two motivations are self improvement and to spend time with friends and other like minded individuals. I have experienced moments as you described last Wednesday, but that’s normally when I’m feeling the onset of burnout. Do you need a break?



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