The Positive Side of Golf!

A couple of days ago, I started my round as a single. As I approached the 7th tee, the twosome asked if I wanted to join them as the course was slow. Well, it was slow because of a twosome in front that were enjoying the day at the pace of a foursome….but that is a story for another day.

Of course I happily agreed and I very glad I did. I met up with Jimmy Leonard and Marcel Hetu. Both are retired Canadian Military were enjoying the time away from the service. We went through the usual niceties and talked about were we served, possible friends and what we were doing now. It was very pleasant. 


Marcel and Jimmy

As we walked to the 8th tee, I mentioned that I was playing the Blues and Marcel quickly joined me stating that he had never played from the blues before. He thought it would be fun to finish his round from the tips. Jimmy, a relatively new player, stayed at the Whites because it fit is game better.

Through our discussions, Marcel and I determined that we played in the same military tournament some 25 years ago at Eagle Glen, Bolton, Ontario. It was funny how played in the same event so long ago.

20160517_132424As our round progressed, I noticed that Marcel and Jimmy were sharing a particular club. It was a wedge of some type and when I inquired, Marcel said that it was an XE1 Wedge. It had a very large base and was quite heavy. Marcel said that once he found this miracle club, his chipping greatly improved. Since both were lefties, I was not able to try it, but they were very happy with hitting from about 20 yards around the green! Their results were very good for most of the day.

20160518_164350As we finished our round, we never seem to run out of things to talk about. The conversation was light and quite enjoyable. It was interesting how 2 friends quickly accepted a perfect stranger into their midst. However, that is the way of golf.

Many times I have was asked to join a group and I cannot remember being disappointed. In this case, Marcel  and Jimmy turn my normal round of golf into a very enjoyable time on the links. It is times like these that I remember that golf is a contact sport and making new friends on the links is always a bonus.

After the round was over, Jimmy gave me a new hat. It is from his company and will happily wear it next time I hit the links. Thank you Marcel and Jimmy for inviting me to join your group. I hope we have the opportunity to enjoy the positive side of golf in the future!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links.

7 thoughts on “The Positive Side of Golf!

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  2. My experience is the same- meeting people on the course is almost always a pleasant experience. In fact when I moved to Florida my best friends and golf buddies here happen to be golfers I met in the course. I was playing alone trying out this course and on the 12th hole this group of 3 who were jumping from home to hike asked if they could join me. I said sure and now we are all best friends here. I’ve been to weddings, baptisms, christenings, dinners, vacations and endless rounds of golf. I am “grateful” for golf 👍🙏

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