I am a Grateful Golfer!

Not much going on today. I just wanted to wish you a fantastic May 24 weekend. Monday is a holiday in Canada, so Canadians are opening up their cottages after a long winters nap, starting their gardens, taking a little trip and of course golfing!

create a grateful golferI hope you have an awesome weekend and enjoy the wonderful weather with your friends and family.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


7 thoughts on “I am a Grateful Golfer!

  1. Hi Jim! Still no golf for me this season. It’s been a very cold/wet spring in the Philadelphia area.

    I am trying to get my flowers and herbs planted 🙂

    Our kids have been busy with Siccer and lacrosse and basic “life” with work and kid activities have taken priority over any free time, you know?

    I do think about my short game often. I trust my full swing will show up on demand. It’s the “touch/feel” shots that will take some practice to discover again.

    I look forward to that opportunity!

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    • Rick

      I here you. Life priorities do change and golf sometimes must take a back seat. You are right about the touch and feel. It is usually the first to go. Hopefully, the rust will be knocked off quickly when the time to play comes.


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