“Putting Made Easy” Golf Drill

The attached drill is one that I use often. It is easy to set up and repeatable on any practice green. You can use alignment sticks, like in the video, tees, your TEECLAW, golf balls or your clubs. Actually, anything can be used as long as it provides reference points to ensure your putter head remains in guides.

I like this drill because it helps me with my alignment, moving my putter head in a consistent motion, and helps me gauge my preferred “back 6 forward 12” putting motion. I try to use this drill once every week or two as reminder of the basics I need to keep reinforcing. Over the years, this “Putting Made Easy” Golf Drill has helped lower my scores and strengthen my short game.

Setting up the drill is very easy. I like to start about 6 feet from the hole and work my way back to 15 feet in 3 foot increments. I hit as many balls as required to feel comfortable at the measured distance and do not limit myself to a specific time.

I only hit 3 balls at a time. I use 3 balls because it forces me to move and rest in my putting position about every 20-30 seconds. Standing in one position for an extended period of time hitting ball after ball will limit all the lessons that this and other drills offer.

During this drill, I missed all three balls, however my confidence grew and my misses were all tap ins. This is a basic golf drill. I believe that drills like this should create the foundation of a players practice regime. It is easy to remember, reinforces the right golfing techniques and simple to duplicate anywhere.

During your next practice period, give this “Putting Made Simple” Golf Drill a try and let me know how it worked for you!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on ““Putting Made Easy” Golf Drill

  1. Jim, good looking drill. Looks like that putt was moving left a bit. Do you aim the sticks at the apex point? Or prefer to use on straight putts? Three balls is a good idea too. Gotta give the lower back a break.



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