Advance Golf Drill – Putting

Putting is a very important skill to master for shooting low scores in golf. It is the core skill in my game and I am constantly working to improve my putting. Each round I play, I have a target number of 28 putts. It matches the PGA Tour average, but it is a realistic goal I meet or beat 50% of the time. My score is directly affected by how well I putt during the round, so I have high expectations.

To meet my high expectations, I work on my short game often. I try different drills and techniques to keep my putting sharp. Recently, I offered a simple putting drill for beginners. It involved two alignment sticks and three golf balls.

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“Putting Made Easy” Golf Drill

The attached drill is one that I use often. It is easy to set up and repeatable on any practice green. You can use alignment sticks, like in the video, tees, your TEECLAW, golf balls or your clubs. Actually, anything can be used as long as it provides reference points to ensure your putter head remains in guides.

I like this drill because it helps me with my alignment, moving my putter head in a consistent motion, and helps me gauge my preferred “back 6 forward 12” putting motion. I try to use this drill once every week or two as reminder of the basics I need to keep reinforcing. Over the years, this “Putting Made Easy” Golf Drill has helped lower my scores and strengthen my short game. Continue reading

Effective Practice for Lower Scores in Golf

There are many different drills to help players lower their golf score. We have discussed many of them at The Grateful Golfer, but converting words into action is not something often discussed. In an article not long ago, I discussed effective practice with Brian Penn from All About Golf. It was an interesting conversation about converting greenside misses by getting our ball up and down in the fewest number of strokes.

After that discussion, I thought of a quick and easy aiming drill to effectively practice with tangible results. It has started to produce payoffs, but I still need more practice to reach my intent of consistent lower golf scores. Continue reading

Finding Support for My Golf Plan

Success breeds success!Previously, we discussed having a golf plan for 2016. I alluded to needing support to effectively execute any plan and depending on your skill level, the type and focus of that support will change. There is no shortage of experts willing to provide that support, but before accepting any help, make sure it fits into your plan.

I am not sure what your plan is this year, but I thought I would share with you my 2016 golf plan and how I expect to find support to shoot lower scores.
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