Golf – A Matter of Perspective

Writing about golf is fun, entertaining, and educational. There is an endless pool of topics to choose from that may help someone smile, learn or become frustrated. I often find it interesting how a single article can spark a heated conversation between two people and yet the same article has two different people nodding in agreement! I guess it is a matter of perspective….well actually, aren’t all our journeys a matter of perspective?

Choose to be HappyAs most of the regular readers of The Grateful Golfer know, this blog focuses on the positive aspects of golf, sharing any great tips that comes my way, and hopefully bring a smile to someone’s face from time to time.

My perspective on how to live my life is to improve the 3 foot space around me everyday. Sometimes it is difficult, sometimes it is easy; regardless, I try to make a positive difference somehow. It is as easy as smiling at someone, offering a kind word, or just listening to someone express their feelings. Most times, I find that the simplest acts of random kindness have the greatest impact.

Being GratefulI believe that learning something new each day is a must. My perspective is that if I stop learning, I stop growing. Personal growth is important because of the number of exciting and amazing things is limitless. How can I ever be bored when there is so much to learn!

Golf is one of those positive influences in my life that I choose to embrace every day. I read many golf stories on hope, happiness, fun, and learning that helps keep my perspective grounded and focused on the positive things I want in my life.

Golf compliments the other areas of my life. It offers a positive avenue where I can choose to express kindness, learn and grow. So if you ever wondered why I sign of my posts with the same tag line, it is because I am grateful everyday and believe it is important to share positive thoughts because you never know who is listening!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “Golf – A Matter of Perspective

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