Which Golf Ball is Best for You?

Of all the different areas of golf that influence our game, which golf ball is best for us is the most confusing for me. When choosing a golf ball, the options are endless. I have played around with different golf ball to use over the years, but I have never focused on anything specific or the reasons for choosing any specific ball.

This is an interesting video on what is inside a golf balls.

I have tried many makes and types of golf balls over the years and selected my ball based solely on feel. It has worked so far, however, I am not really sure if this was the best plan.

So as preparation for my 2016 golf season, I decided to make a concerted effort to choose the right ball next year! I am going to go into this process with an open mind. I have used Titleist and Srixon as of late, but I am willing to change if this process leads to that one ball that will help my game.

My first step is to learn how golf balls. This video provides an overview on how to construct a golf ball:

My next step is to determine the different materials in core, types of cores and the differences in the materials. After, I will focus on the same areas but with the cover. I am not really sure where this is going to lead, but I will let the facts guide the way.

What was your selection process for your current ball?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


8 thoughts on “Which Golf Ball is Best for You?

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  3. Jim,

    I haven’t thought too much about it beyond experimenting with different balls and going with feel or my gut on which one performs best. I have dabbled with quite a few brands, but seem to continue going back to the Pro V1.

    You bring up a good point though, every stroke counts, and a golf ball that doesn’t fit our game could cost us. Maybe a ball spins too much for someone, and instead of nestling next to the pin it sucks off the front of the green and leads to a bogey instead of having a good birdie look. Those things could add up over the course of a season!


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  4. The best golf ball is one which feels and responds the best regardless of the name on it. Now I have tried all kinds. I find Nike RZN Platinum and Titleist ProV1x to be my favourite. I read that most balls premium and “lesser” golf balls are put through a superior production process compared to golf balls in the past. In other words most golf balls are good. It might be my swing which isn’t so good :(.

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