Which Golf Ball is Best for You? – Pt4

The Grateful GolferThis will be the last article on series of ‘Which golf ball is best for you?’ Previously, we have talk about compression, composition, and design. My intent was to provide you, the reader, with enough information to make your golf ball selection easier. I believe that using the correct ball for your swing needs is vital to producing lower golf scores.

I would suspect that most amateurs focus on cost vs performance of a golf ball. I am bargain shopper, but I sometimes I will pay a bit more for my golf ball if I believe it will help my game. Regardless of how you select your golf ball, there are a couple of points you should keep in mind before putting your money on the counter.

Before I started my research on selecting my golf ball for 2016, I thought that swing speed was the most important factor. In very short order, I found that this was not the case. Most professional ball fitters suggest that everyone should start close the green and work backward to the tee when testing golf balls. The reason is that the feel of short chips and shots within 100 yards of the green is more important to hitting the ball off the tee. This method is about selecting the ball that feels best for your short game. And your short game is where you can significantly lower your golf scores. The first two minutes of the video below sums up my point perfectly.

The next step is which ball to select. There are many different types and I am not proclaiming one brand to be better than another. This is a personal preference for each player. The following video from PGA.com provides information on the major brands available to most players in 2016.

After all my research, I realize I am playing the right ball for my game. I am not tied to just one ball, I actually use 4 types from 2 different makers. I am going to stick with:

  • Titleist ProV1
  • Titleist ProV1x
  • Srixon QStar
  • Srixon ZStar

These balls provide the best feel around the green and within 100 yards for my game. On very hot days with no wind, I will use the ProV1 or Srixon ZStar. If it is a cooler windy day, I will use the ProV1x or Srixon QStar. I find that any of these 4 balls work best for my game, now I just have to wait until they come on sale (did I mention I was a bargain shopper?).

One last point, I am going to try the Wilson Duo golf ball sometime this year. I keep hearing this ball pop up as something to try. So, I will make a concerted effort to try the Wilson Duo and when I do, I will make sure to tell you what I think.

Well, this is the last in the series of ‘Which golf ball is best for you?’ I hope you found all four articles informative and they will help ease your anxiety of selecting your golf ball this year. Drop me a note and let me know what you selected. I am curious!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

10 thoughts on “Which Golf Ball is Best for You? – Pt4

  1. great topic Jim – their are loyalties and then there is performance, they don’t always go hand in hand. My favourite ball is Titleist ProV1x, followed by Nike RZn platinum. I don’t mind the ProV1 but i spin it too much. NXT are decent. I have never enjoyed Bridgestone balls. Callaway doesn’t work for me either !

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  2. Really interesting series of articles. I think a lot of golfers under-estimate the importance of choosing a suitable golf ball for their particular game and abilities. I have tried a wide range of balls, including Titleist from Pro V1 through NXT Tour to DT Solo, but for the last year or so have been very happy to stick with the Callaway Chrome Soft which seems to suit me perfectly. The Wilson Duo is certainly very soft indeed – I wonder if it is anything like the Callaway Supersoft. I found the latter very dead off the putter. Anyway, thanks for the articles.

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    • Rob

      Thanks for weighing in. It is always great to get a new perspective. I have not hit the Callaway Chrome Soft, but I might give it a try this year for fun. The Wilson Duo is definitely on my list of golf balls to try!



  3. When working at a golf school I was told by our head club fitter to “Play something with a urethane cover” He said layers didnt matter to most ams. We sat and talked golf ball for about an hour. He had a preference for golf balls but would play whatever. One ball he loved to recommend was the E5. Its basically a distance ball with an urethane cover


    • A urethane cover is pretty standard now. You may be right that most amateurs will not notice a big difference, however I enjoy a ball I can control around the greens. Thus a 3 or 4 piece ball works best for my game.



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