My Worst Golf Score Ever!

Over 40+ years of golf, I have shot some fairly poor rounds. It is ‘those’ efforts I choose to forget (or at least try too!). They do not hold any personal significance to my life and actually are not really much of a teaching moment either. However, they do happen and as such cannot be completely ignored.

I have to hit it again from in there?

Truthfully, I cannot remember exactly when I shot my highest score, but I know it was in my first year of playing. Like all novice players, we are full of effort, but generally poor on execution. My dismal showing did not deter me from trying to improve and as a result, I have had a lifetime of fun on the links. I do not see that changing anytime soon.

I am not sure what the exact score was, but I remember it being between 101 and 120; closer to 120 I am sure. I do remember never whiffing the ball, but hit plenty of 10 yarders. With that any strokes, I definitely had a great workout and it seems I am not alone in the worst score category:

Thanks to several respondents who told me their story on Twitter, I appreciate your honesty. They help put my question in perspective that we all start somewhere and regardless of the score, it is best to keep playing an hopefully have other opportunities to improve.

Through the time on the links, I have some rounds that were real stinkers, but not my worst score ever. I would be playing relatively okay and then suddenly I could not find my swing if it was right in front of me. I am not always sure why this happens, but it did….does. I respond differently now then I did back then. I am less confused; less frustrated; and have a better understanding of why my poor play happens.

You know your are having a bad day when….

All of this understanding comes from experience. The more I play, the more I think I have a better grip on my game. My successes now are all because I did not stop trying to improve my game. Believe me (and I am sure you understand) there were many frustrating days along my journey; yet, these speed bumps helped my focus on improvement.

The point to my diatribe today is anyone can improve their golf game. It takes focus, effort and time. Mostly, time! I have met very few players who are complete naturals. If you decide to stick with playing, you may find that you are gaining a lifetime of fun and positive memories. I know I have!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “My Worst Golf Score Ever!

  1. Jim,

    Every first round of the year for me is my worst round, at least until the following year. For some reason I like to start the year off with a couple whiffs and shanks, but at least their out of my system which is good. For this reason, I don’t even write down my score but instead make notes of what I need to improve on before I head out again. Trust me though, it gets better and after a bad round we need to move on and regroup.



    • Sebastien

      I do not always have my worst round during my first outing. But it is very close to that for sure. It takes a bit of time to get on track and I am getting there right now. Mother Nature is finally letting up so we can have a bit of a grass growing season. Will do wonders for our course.

      Cheers Jim

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  2. I know my worst round was the first time I played Copperhead. Being soon after the tournament and in the summer still, the course was hard and fast and very close to tournament standards still. While I stayed under a hundred it still felt like a bloodbath.

    I just read an article that compares how Koepka played Beth Page Black to the average golfer. It’s an interesting read I thought you might enjoy.


    • Kevin,

      I read the article and that sounds about right. I a bit longer than the average player, but not by much. This article is a good indication that length is very important at the professional level to win. I remember that in the 80s the golf teachers shifted from accuracy to distance as the primary skill. It was foreign to me, but it they said we can teach control after they players learn to swing hard and fast. I guess that is about right considering where golf is going now. Thanks for the article it was a very good read.

      Cheers Jim


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