My Worst Golf Score Ever!

Over 40+ years of golf, I have shot some fairly poor rounds. It is ‘those’ efforts I choose to forget (or at least try too!). They do not hold any personal significance to my life and actually are not really much of a teaching moment either. However, they do happen and as such cannot be completely ignored.

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Course Review: Seguin Valley Golf Club

Jim and Blair at Sequin Valley Golf Club

Sequin Valley should be on your list of must play courses. I recently ventured down to Parry Sound for a round of golf and the full Sequin Valley experience. Blair and I did not know what to expect, but we had heard great things about Seguin Valley. During the entire trip, we talked extensively about the positives of this course and both walked away very impressed. I can tell you from the very start, I was not disappointed. Because of my positive experience with the course and staff, I am already planning a trip for next year.  Continue reading

#GolfChat Does It Again

Monthly, a group of #GolfChat authors pool their thoughts to produce outstanding golf articles. Normally, I am part of this élite group of writers (okay we are just writers), however I was unable to participate this month.

Regardless, I think it is still important to pass on to my avid readers what they have to say. Each author provides a unique view on golf well worth reading. I think you will be interested to hear what they have to say, so let’s get to it! Continue reading