Course Review: Seguin Valley Golf Club

Jim and Blair at Sequin Valley Golf Club

Sequin Valley should be on your list of must play courses. I recently ventured down to Parry Sound for a round of golf and the full Sequin Valley experience. Blair and I did not know what to expect, but we had heard great things about Seguin Valley. During the entire trip, we talked extensively about the positives of this course and both walked away very impressed. I can tell you from the very start, I was not disappointed. Because of my positive experience with the course and staff, I am already planning a trip for next year. 

I talked about the customer service in a previous article, so now it is time to focus on the course. My overall impression of Sequin Valley is that it offers something for every golfer. Regardless of your skill level, the 5 tees allow even the novice player, an opportunity to play a fantastic course without being beaten up.

Black 73.5/144 80/155
Gold 71.7/140 78.7/153
Blue 69.7/127 75.2/140
White 66.6/117 70.8/134
Red 63.5/105 66.4/117

The Men’s rating on the left and the Women’s on the right show that the course is set up to fit your game. I played the Blue tees and the rating was similar to my home course, but the slope was higher. I shot an 80 with 3 doubles (because I could not putt), so I would assess the course ratings as fair and accurate. As a 5 handicapper, I would likely try the Gold tees next time out.

Chipping and sand practice area.

The practice / warm up areas were well set up . With two practice greens, there was plenty of room for everyone. One green was for chipping and sand play and the other for chipping and putting. Both greens played exactly like those on the course and this is a big plus for me. Consistency of greens throughout the course is a must in my mind and Seguin Valley met my expectations. Not having a driving range was its only drawback. However, I was assured by Darwin Howard, the course Superintendent, that this issue was being resolved as we speak. Hopefully, it will be open next year.

The first hole!

Seguin Valley is a ‘no roll’ course. It is designed so players must hit to yardage. At first I thought the advice by the staff was because of the tremendous amount of rain that fell over the previous 2 days, but I was guaranteed by Jim McDivitt that there was very little roll on this course. Everyone was absolutely right. Except for the drives on the longer holes, it was important to hit to yardage for your approach shots. Being closer was not always best because of the constant elevation changes from hole to hole.

The 10th hole from the tips!

The fairways were like a rug. All top end courses have the same type of feel. Do not be deceived, the fairways were rarely flat because each hole uses the lay of the land to shape its uniqueness. If you are on the fairway, you are almost guaranteed a good lie. The rough is fair and cut in stages. The first cut is great to hit from as well because it lifts the ball up just a bit. The longer rough poses some challenges, but is a fair test if you wander off the short grass.

Sometimes, rocks can be a challenge!

The architecture of the course is very interesting. Built over 15.1 acres, the course is molded to the rugged terrain. It uses natural hills and depressions expertly to provide a beautiful setting for a great round of golf. Whether a sand trap, pond, elevated green, grass bunker, or a rock outcropping, every golfer should be aware of where they are hitting their ball and what they plan to do on their next shot. The architecture of the course adds tremendous value to playing at Seguin Valley.

7th green looking backwards.

The greens posed a bit of a challenge. Faster than what I normally play, they also were rarely flat. Navigating around the greens was great fun because I had to hit to a position to make sure I was on the proper side of the hole. If I was to play this course a few more times, it would be easier; the yardage book gave some great advice on where to hit your approach shot. Most importantly with respect to the greens, they rolled consistently through all 18 holes. This aspect of the course is very important to me (as stated earlier) and I cannot emphasis it enough!

There were two holes that stood out in my mind. The first was the signature hole: number 7. It is a medium length hole over a beautiful lake. It is challenging, but offers a drop area in the middle of the lake from about 90 yards. Very picturesque.

7th Tee Box from the Blues.

The second hole and my favorite was the short par 4, 15th hole. The risky shot is a 240 yard carry, over nothing but cabbage. The green is protected by trees and you will have to draw your ball in order to land on the green. I attempted the shot for fun and made it. After a smooth 3-putt, I walked off with par. More to follow on this adventure in a future article.

15th tee box. The green is a small patch of light green on the left side of the picture with a small pine tree indicating its location.

I will caution you though, this is not a walking course. As a matter of fact, carts are mandatory. Given the distance between some of the holes and the elevation changes, I would never walk this course. However, this is definitely not a detractor because the cart paths are well maintained and driving through the woods is an added benefit because of its beauty.

Seguin Valley is a course for all golfers. The 5 different tees afford everyone to play distances that suit their game. It is now on my list of courses to play each year; it offers everything I look for in a course. On my last trip, I did not meet the General Manager, Gail Burrows, however, I heard she is the driving force to the great successes in and around Seguin Valley. So, if you are looking for an affordable golf trip that exceeds all expectations, I recommend you give Gail a call to set up your  Seguin Valley experience. I do not think you will be disappointed!

Here are the details about Seguin Valley Golf Club:

  • Location & Mailing Address: 144 Badger Road, Seguin, Ontario, P2A 2W8
  • Tel:  Toll Free 1-866-826-4080; Local: 705-378-2555; Fax : 705-378-1903

If you want to see all my pictures from Seguin Valley Golf Course, visit my Facebook page at this link.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

Written by Jim Burton from The Grateful Golfer blog.

4 thoughts on “Course Review: Seguin Valley Golf Club

  1. Any course that isn’t flat looks great to me. I’m not so sure about the clay bunkers though if that’s what I’m seeing in those pictures. I’m kind of spoiled with our white sand bunkers here now that I’ve spent 20 years learning how to play from them. Clay bunkers I haven’t figured out but it’s definitely not the same judging from my limited experience in them. But that said, what you show in the pictures looks like a challenging course that I’d find fun to play. Curious since you mention the fast green speeds. What kind of grass is used on the greens up there? We have a small variety, but most of the better courses use paspalum now. I really like that stuff. It’s speedy, the ball rolls really well on it, but it’s also a bit sticky so you can be aggressive with your pitches. But I think it’s a warm climate grass and I’m not sure if they’ve developed any variety of it that grows up north.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kevin

      There was a enough sand o allow a splash out of the traps. Everything looked wet because od the 50 mil of rain we had the day before. I am not sure what type of grass the greens are, but I will find out.



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