Good Bye 2021 And Hello …….

As we eagerly anticipate the unfolding of 2022, it is important to take stock of how 2021 manifested. For me, there was lots of things for which I am grateful and some things I would like to forget. I was able to improve my game, marginally, but mostly I plateaued. It was not a bad year of golf, but it was not a stellar one either. Regardless, I am happy to say good bye to 2021 and hello to 2022. Starting today, anything is possible and I am looking forward to seeing what I can do at my new track.

I found that 2021, I was more concerned about getting to the golf course than actually playing. I would spend anywhere from 6 to 8 hours away each outing. The time spent getting to golf almost equaled the time on the links. This fact started to weigh on my psyche as the season progressed and I found my desire to play waning. Hence, my decision to move to my local course. Problem solved…..right?

What I also found is that the effort expended to play golf was a challenge mentally. Yes, I enjoyed the drive and meeting up with friends (I will miss playing with them this year), but I was mentally fatigued when I arrived at Osprey Links. I was not at my best to play most of the time, hence I was on autopilot a fair bit down the stretch of most rounds. It is not that I am mentally weak as a golfer, but fatigue does play role in everyone’s game and mine was no different.

With the course being a mere 10 minutes away, I am exited aging at the prospect of playing and practicing more. Additionally, my new track offers a new challenge in all areas of my game. I expect that I will be able to play well, but I am not sure just how well. Regardless, I will have a new routine for my golf game. A change is as good as a rest…..right?

Lastly, I will have more time to spend doing other things with my darling wife. With the change in routine, we will be able to share in many of the things we like to do. Additionally, we are planning more day trips to see the glorious sites in our area. It will be so much easier with the time saved from playing my local golf course. All in all, most areas of my golf/life journey will improve in 2022.

I would be remiss not to mention that I will miss playing golf with Blair, Rick and Fernando. We have a great deal of fun together and they do provide a great deal of comic relief to the stressors of COVID and life in general. I guess I will have to ensure I play a few rounds in the summer and invite them to my home track for a round or two. Unfortunately, life is about change and this move will be for the greater good in my life.

With 2022 ready to be experienced, I am excited to see what it unfolds. For now, I will focus on my moving forward, getting fitter, and expanding my horizons. 2022 has a great many things to offer and I plan on taking advantage of as many experiences as I can. I hope you have a fantastic 2022 and remember that you can create the future you want.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


4 thoughts on “Good Bye 2021 And Hello …….

  1. All the best for 2022 and for your golf season. I know you will be an asset to the Mattawa club and create some wonderful friendships there as well.

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  2. Golfing with friends is great, but golfing alone has it’s own rewards. I find it both more peaceful and more productive where improving my game is concerned to golf alone. I also know golfing alone never lasts long. You go out by yourself, and you will quickly be noticed and others will be there to “invade your zen”. lol So enjoy it while you can. It’s a rare occasion when I get to golf alone after living here two years. Too many know the schedule I generally follow.

    Sent you a couple pics from the golf course I played today on twitter. Both were taken on the same hole from close to where my ball landed on the first and second shots. Thankfully not too close. It’s a big horseshoe of a par 5 around a lake. The first pic was actually near the second shot and the second pic near where my drive landed. Both are about 8 footers.

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