The One Golf Focus For 2022

With the new year one day old, I think it might be time to start laying out my goals for 2022. I have many standard ones that include fitness, swing mechanics and course management; yet I have decided to dedicate more time and focus in one particular area that I believe will garner me the most improvement. Through the years, I have dedicate a fair bit to time to this area, but this year I plan to focus over half my time to one specific area with a close second being putting.

I am going to spend more time working on my chipping and pitching from 40 yards to the edge of the green. I believe that now is the time to dedicate the time and effort to lowering my golf scores by honing this area of my short game.

Over the years I have spent some time developing a good overall game around the green. And now is the time to sharpen those skills. Being a four handicapper, I obviously have some touch around the green, but if want to lower my handicap index this year, then this is the area that needs more attention.

My decision is not made lightly, nor is it mind blowing. It comes down to basic common sense. I doubt very much I will improve my ball striking much more, my distances is likely not going to improve very much, my putting is the best part of my game, so that leaves my short game. And to be truthful, the distance between 40 and 10 yards to the green is the weakest area of my game. Therefore, it is time to fix this weak link and 2022 is the year to do it.

I do not have a specific plan yet, but with the golf course being 10 minutes away, I can see myself scooting over for short practice sessions. Additionally, I am developing a larger chipping area in my backyard (more to follow on that). All indicators point to improving my chipping and putting.

On a side note, all golfers need to work on their short game and putting. I know that we all like to hit balls on a range and then head to the first tee, but dedicating time to our short game is a real stroke saver. Hence, my decision to focus on one area of my game: chipping and pitching from 40 yards.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


4 thoughts on “The One Golf Focus For 2022

  1. Jim, I applaud your decision. I found that focusing almost exclusively on short game practice maximizes my potential and reduces wear and tear on this old body of mine.

    My focus this year is to further develop my shot creativity. I will continue to play mostly with historical clubs, both hickory and classic steel. It has been much more fun and has actually made me a better golfer.

    Looking back on last year, I doubled my games in the 70’s from the previous year, with seven different sets of irons, feel and creativity go a long way.

    Four of us managed to play both Friday and Saturday before the snow hit last night which was good for our morale during this challenging time. So, I ended 2021 with a 79 on Friday and opened 2022 with another 79. Not bad in 5 degree C and wet.

    I wish you a happy new year and look forward to playing with you again this year. My hickory and classic steel clubs are patiently sitting on their racks, eagerly awaiting the opportunity to spring into action when the weather permits.

    Again, Happy New Year.

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  2. Jim, good decision. Also, having that short game area 10-minutes away will be key. There’s nothing like dropping everything on a whim and running out for some quick practice and reinforcement.

    Does your regular crew plan to relocate to your new course or will you be in search of a brand new group?



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    • Brian,

      I am going solo for the relocation. My friends are disappointed, but understand my logic. We plan to get together periodically through the summer. So, I will be looking for a new crew, but I do not mind playing alone either. Much faster. 😉

      Cheers Jim


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