Playing A Low Hook at Osprey Links Golf Course

Learning to play a low hook was something I never thought I would ever have need. Well, as it turns out this specialty shot is one that I use more than any other. Primarily because of the 10th hole at Osprey Links Golf Course. The main reason I need to extricate my ball from trouble with this shot is because I try to cut the corner on the dogleg left par 5 and usually jamb myself on the left side. My options are to hit a short chip to 175 yards or hit a low hook to within 100 yards. Guess which shot I prefer?


Hitting Your Favourite “In Trouble” Golf Shot

All golfers know that at one time or another, during every round of golf, they will be hitting out of trouble. It does not matter how well you hit the ball on any given day, something is bound to test your ability to recover. After many, many different shots from less than perfect positions, we all can say with certainty that some recovery shots better suit our game than others. We all have our favourite worst shot to have to make and hope when things go sour, that is the worst that it gets. It really is a matter of perspective!

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If You Have A Shot In Golf, You Have a Chance at Birdie

I fundamentally believe that if I have a shot, I have a chance to score well. It is not pie in the sky stuff, but a deep rooted understanding that anything is possible when looping the course. The late great Arnold Palmer believed that making a total effort every time is the way to win at golf. Who am I to argue with the King!

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Golf Infographic: Nearest Point of Relief

One of my more popular posts explains the concept of Nearest Point of Relief. It is an important stroke saver that many players do not quite understand. Therefore, in addition to my previous post, here is an infographic that I think will help.


If you have ever played a round of golf, understanding the concept of the nearest point of relief is important!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

Putting for Success

This year’s goal to be a scratch golfer is going very well. I maintained a good fitness program, educated myself on the finer points of breaking 100. 90, and 80, and I am starting to implement some new techniques to help build consistency and confidence in my golf swing.

My first major change is how I line up putts. Many golfers already use this technique, but until recently, I was a “feel” putter. Additionally, I would use a mark on the green about 1-2 feet in front of my ball as my alignment point for my putting line. Having a fair amount of success, I never felt the need to change – until this year.

So, after a fair bit of research, I decided to use “the line on line” putting technique. I drew a black line on my ball and decided to use that as my alignment guide.  I would read the green; pick my putting line; then match up the line on the ball with my putting line. It does take a bit of practice to align everything, but once you have the technique down, the process simplifies putting tremendously.

Putting for success

With both lines in sync, I was able to focus on squaring my putter (putter face perpendicular to the line on the ball) and making solid contact with my back 6 forward 12 putting rule. Additionally, I am able to concentrate on speed and as a result I sink more putts and my misses’ end up closer to the hole.  Overall, I am already saving strokes and as a result my season is starting off on a high note.

The main point I learned from this new technique is that my earlier putting style resulted in a closed putter head on alignment. I realized that I was setting up with a closed putter head all because the visual queues to my new alignment style caused me think. After figuring out the disconnect, I realized why I struggled with putting the past couple years.

Now that this epiphany has resulted in a positive change, I can hardly wait to see what my next round brings. Identifying a need for change through analysis was not easy, but once I decided that I required a different approach to my putting the process took care of itself. You can make changes to lower your score as well, the first step is to choose.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!