Playing A Low Hook at Osprey Links Golf Course

Learning to play a low hook was something I never thought I would ever have need. Well, as it turns out this specialty shot is one that I use more than any other. Primarily because of the 10th hole at Osprey Links Golf Course. The main reason I need to extricate my ball from trouble with this shot is because I try to cut the corner on the dogleg left par 5 and usually jamb myself on the left side. My options are to hit a short chip to 175 yards or hit a low hook to within 100 yards. Guess which shot I prefer?

As you can see from the image below, when I hit my ball left off the tee (to the star) I needed to develop a shot that would gain me some distance without generating too much trouble. There is, however, some course management aspects of this shot I need to point out.

10th hole Osprey Links

First, if I do not shape the ball, I will hit the ball into the woods across the fairway. Second, if I play too close to the edge of the left trees, the fairway is shaped right to left so that my ball will collect into the hazards on the left. The trees on the corner are too high to go over when I am close to the edge of the left fairway or in the rough. Lastly, when selecting this shot, I need to commit to the hooking shot and have confidence I will be able to execute it without any challenges.

Now that I know I am going to hit a hook shot, I need to set up for it properly and I found a video that quickly explains how I execute my hook shot.

As I was teaching myself to play this shot, I ran into several pitfalls where I was pulling the ball left all the time. I could not figure out why I was continually hitting sharp left until I figured out the finish. Finishing high over my left shoulder was the key. When I learned this important aspect of my swing, my success percentage climbed exponentially. For men, it was the critical swing piece I was missing. Now, that I have all the swing components that PGA Professional Travis Fulton mentions, I am confident I can hit this stroke saving hook more often than not. Additionally, my misses are not as damaging either. 😉

If you need to hit a low hook to get out of trouble, then I suggest you give this technique a try.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


2 thoughts on “Playing A Low Hook at Osprey Links Golf Course

  1. It took a while to get it back but I have that shot in the bag again. But that shot isn’t just to get out of trouble. It’s also useful when hitting into the breeze or sometimes even with the breeze. A low draw cuts through the air better than a high fade. It’s easier to control. And it can catch the wind and ride it. I use it all the time with my irons off the tee even and wish I was better at it with the driver.

    With clubs like my 7 and 8, all I have to do to get that kind of shot is move the ball a little back in my stance anymore and I’ll just naturally give it a little draw. But with my driver, it’s still a bit hit or miss. Today it was more like miss then hit. I tried to hit a low draw into the breeze today on 12 and blew the first attempt. I got the draw, but I got around too fast and pulled it too and sent it out of bounds into the weeds.

    My provisional was text book though. The ball came out low, started right, curved back slowly and came down running up the left side of the fairway. Just what you want in those conditions. Too bad I didn’t manage it with the first swing. It would have saved me a double today as I didn’t get up and down this time. I left a tap in for my double, but that was little comfort at the time. lol I was giving away my big lead right and left about then. I did too much today and was about spent by then. But I got a better than average start with a 5 under after 6 thanks to a lucky chip in eagle on 6 and it was a little sad and I have to admit a little funny to watch it fall apart on me. The guys certainly had some fun with it.

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    • Kevin

      Falling apart is all part of the game. Doing it in front of our friends can be challenging if they decide to chime in with a few digs. Great to hear you have this shot in your bag for sure.

      Cheers Jim


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